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Auf Wiedersehen- European Championships are all over for four Celts

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Scotland crashed out of the European Championships tonight following a 1-0 defeat from Hungary in Stuttgart.

The result leaves Steve Clarke’s side in bottom place with one point from three matches after another underwhelming performance in which the opposing goal was barely threatened.

According to UEFA statistics Scotland never managed to get a shot on target in a must win match.

After drawing with Switzerland on Wednesday a win would have given Scotland a strong chance of finishing as one of the four best third placed sides, a draw would have given Clarke’s side a slim chance of progress.

Tony Ralston and Callum McGregor were in the starting XI, Scotland dominated first half possession but it was the Hungarian’s that looked sharper on the break although there was a little threat to the Scotland goal.

The second half was more evenly balanced, Angus Gunn pulled off a few decent saves but none that he wouldn’t be expected to make.

In the last 15 minutes Clarke put on some fresh legs in the midfield and forward areas but there was no real structure to what Scotland were doing with little threat to the Hungarian goal.

Ten minutes of stoppage time added drama to an awful match, it was end to end stuff but in the final minute Hungary broke away from a Scotland corner with Kevin Csoboth slotting a low shot past Gunn to end Scotland’s tournament.

Hungary will now have to wat and see if they are among the four best third placed teams, it is all over for Scotland with James Forrest and Greg Taylor not seeing a minute of action.

The result leaves Steve Clarke’s side in bottom place with one point from three matches after another underwhelming performance in which the opposing goal was barely threatened.

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  • Martin Blackshaw says:

    It was a poor display from start to finish, no cutting edge whatsoever and Clark refused to use the only man capable of opening up the Hungarian defense – James Forest. He never gave Forest a shout and he left Shankland on the bench too long. Clark plays boring, defensive football and never learns his lesson. When Scotland played more aggressively against Switzerland we saw what they can do, but he returned to the same pathetic Kilmarnock-style game tonight that cost the team so dearly against Germany. The only one balancing thing in Scotland’s favour is that they should have been awarded a penalty for the challenge on Armstrong, but they certainly didn’t merit advancement in the tournament. It was the usual embarrassment. Glad it’s over.

    • Clachnacuddin and the Hoops says:

      How very apt that cheats with whistles, flags and monitors were the ones to deny Scotland a stonewall penalty then…

      It’s a shame for the Tartan Army fans that it’s ended like that with controversy involving officials…

      It’s a shame for the players as well for sure –

      But as for The SFA…

      We’ll reap what youse sow ya bastards !!!

      • Jim Duffy says:

        Clachnacuddin we were dire tonight as we were during the whole tournament,it was nothing to do with men and whistles,what were you watching the first half in fact the first 80 minutes,we played 3 games had 7 corners and 4 shots on target over 3 games, we’re shite clachnacuddin get used to it ,I can go back to 1974 and it’s the same since then , we’re fuckin dire at international football and unfortunately for Scottish teams apart from sevco who fluked a Euro league final we are shite at club level in Scotland as well,STAT for you my friend 12 tournaments and 12 times we’ve failed to reach the knockout stages,my son called me mystic meg because I forecast exactly what would happen tonight,we fuck about in a must win game for 80 mins at least then charge forward and bang the kick in the baws ,the sucker punch ,check out Scotland’s record in tournaments it’s the same old pish ,and unfortunately this happens to Celtic in Euro games as well,the old valiant losers who gave it a go but a lot of the times we’ve been beat it’s minnows that have beat us ,It must be a Scottish psyche thing.Oh one more thing clachnacuddin,that dirge that is flower of Scotland is cringe worthy,we mock the Huns for battle of the Boyne and king billy,400 years ago but we ,not I sing about a battle 1100 or 1200 years ago,it’s a bigger dirge than god save the king.But back to the football we got exactly what we deserved remember only recently we struggled to beat Gibraltar and then conceded a 2 goal lead to Finland,what did the daft tartan army expect, where do they get all their misplaced optimism,we are without doubt the worst team at the Euros,my only hope now and it’s a certainty that engurland get pumped out again,as i always remind my English brethren since they cheated there way in 1966 they have won exactly the same as Scotland ie the middle of a fuckin doughring,right clachnacuddin rant over pal

        • Clachnacuddin and the Hoops says:

          Hell Aye Jim – Well I remember the cock up’s of losing two goals to New Zealand in 1982 and out on goal difference, the same only drew with Uruguay in 1986 and out on goal difference, in 1990 we lost to COSTA RICA, out on goal difference again, I vaguely remember 1978 and drawing with Iran and losing to Peru and I’ve heard guys like yourself talk about 1974, Home on goal difference again after only putting two past Zaire while Yugoslavia put NINE by them…

          Like ya say it’s so a Scottish mentality thing…

          No complaints about tonight – Hungary deserved the win but two poor teams for sure !

  • the maister says:

    Jings! If Patterson had been fit we’d have done much better! Dash it!

    • Jim Duffy says:

      Aye if yer auntie had baws she’d be yer uncle.

    • the maister says:

      No because my aunties are all much nicer than that!
      We are a nation of Scots dominated by our near neighbour, England.
      You have to walk like a Scotsman but think like an Englishman.
      Hence the problem!

  • Jim Duffy says:

    What happened tonight,we had the magic Gilmour I thought he would have made 3 and scored at least 2 ,ah well maybe naw.

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