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‘I forgot his name’ ‘I was critical of him’ ‘good little football player’ Dinosaur Souness doubles down on McGregor criticism

Image for ‘I forgot his name’ ‘I was critical of him’ ‘good little football player’ Dinosaur Souness doubles down on McGregor criticism

Graeme Souness has claimed that he had forgotten Callum McGregor’s name when he referred to the Celtic captain during his analysis of Scotland’s 5-1 defeat from Germany.

The angry former Rangers boss has been playing to the gallery over the last year as he attempts to secure a regular pay day out of Ibrox.

Souness was called in to be involved in finding a replacement for Micky Beale but came up with the wrong answer when he opted for Frank Lampard and shared that view with TalkSPORT listeners.

Former CEO James Bisgrove offered Souey an undefined role which involves nothing of substance but provides a few photo opportunities a year to gather staunch points.

At the end of December Souness was at Celtic Park to watch McGregor dominate the Glasgow Derby, last month the hoops skipper brushed aside Mohamed Diomanse, Nicky Raskin, John Lundstram and Todd Cantwell to deliver two more trophies to Scotland’s most successful club.

As well as forgetting McGregor’s name Souness doubled down by refereeing to him as a good little player- McGregor is a far better player than anyone that has played for the 2012 Ibrox Tribute Act since they were founded by Charles Green.

Listening in to TalkSPORT this morning the Daily Record reports Souness saying:

I couldn’t remember his name. But I knew he was captain of Celtic. I have to say, that question can only arise in the west of Scotland. I forgot his name, I couldn’t remember his name but I knew he was a good little football player and if it’s been taken as a slant or criticism, I didn’t mean it. I genuinely forgot his name.

I was critical of him because if you remember the build up to the goal, he tried to nick it off (Ilkay) Gundogan and Gundogan turned him. He should have just been goal side trying to get a challenge in, but he tried to step in front and nick it. Further on in the same attack which led to the goal, he’s tried to nick it off Jamal Musiala again. So twice he’s tried to nick it instead of just being strong in the challenge and that would’ve prevented us conceding that goal.

The good little footballer is the only Scot to score at a major tournament this century, an achievement that Barry Ferguson, Kris Boyd, Kenny Miller, Nathan Patterson, Ryan Jack, Ian Black and Kevin Kyle never got close to.

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  • Tony B says:

    Juan Kerrs like Sourness knew exactly what he was doing when he mentioned the Celtic captain. A petty spiteful dig was clearly the motivation.

    Also, as a so called analyst, if he really couldn’t remember a Scottish player’s name then he shouldn’t be doing that job. There are lots of better qualified and more able people around.

    But we all know why he is there. Despite his West of Scotland comment, it’s his old club connections that got him the gig.

    An angry wee man and an utter hypocrite.

  • the maister says:

    No apology? So, no manners either then!
    Obvoiusly wasn’t doing his homework prior to his commentating role, or else he is losing it upstairs!
    Pity him then, either way!

  • Paddybhoy67 says:

    A) He’s lying
    B) He’s senile

  • Paddybhoy67 says:

    A) He’s lying
    B) He’s senile

    Either one disqualifies him as a commentator.

  • Captain Swing says:

    If only Callum was blessed with Souness’s tackling ability…… but if you are fortunate enough not to have witnessed Souness in his pomp, ask Siggi Jonsson, George McCluskey, Billy Stark or that poor c@nt from Steau Bucharest!

    I didn’t listen to the half-time or after match drivel (I rarely do, I blame Kris Boyd) but if he criticised Ryan Porteous for his x-rated tackle, he’d have a brass neck!

  • Mark says:

    Forgot his name? He should run for President in the US election. Cognitive degeneration/playing to the gallery and driving division are key requirements.

  • scousebhoy says:

    forgetting a celtic captains name should result in him not getting any more chances to give us his expert opinion ?. can you imagine what would happen if some ex england player gave that reason about any english player. i dont believe his excuse for one second and he really is looking foolish trying to dig himself out of his anti celtic bias but as usual the gutless media will do their usual.

  • Geo says:

    So he never new the celtic captain’s name, sums him up for what he is. Let me remind him, he is the celtic captain that has conducted many a win against the deady bears, hence why its impossible to forget calmac’s name, sour- ness were is the brown envelope payment you got for the 5 million sale of beaumsong to newcastle..

  • Johnno says:

    Can’t deny that mistakes were made by calmac for the 2nd goal, yet mistakes were being made with all the goals Scotland conceded?
    So why the Celtic captain comment?
    Forgot his name?
    Utter bullshit from that horrible bitter Hun prick.
    With the Scottish team set up wrong from the start, then can understand calmac trying to nick the ball to try and start a counter attack, as Scotland were showing nothing as an attacking force whatsoever?

    Take the chance and getting it wrong and trying to over compensate for the mistake is nothing new within the game, but again highlights just how bad the partnership was with the man united substitute?
    You would expect far better from the Norwich keeper at international level with stopping 2 of the goals also imo?
    And as for that eejit who sold the jersey before half time, who is so memorable that not only would you forget his name, but can’t even remember the club, the big donkey plays for?
    The Mr interesting manager, got it totally wrong with setting the team up potentially looking for a nil all draw, without the defensive cover in the centre of the park, to do so imo?
    Yet the objective is for Scotland to qualify out of the group, so maybe the team set up is correct in order to do so, but would require a much better performance, and players understanding there roles better all round imo?
    Yet fail to see how calmac will be so important to Scotland to actually achieve that,yet the scum cheerleaders would be happy for Scotland to fail and make calmac the scapegoat in doing so imo?
    That’s the seeds that the horrible Hun scum cheerleader has sown, and would say the bitter fuck hopes that they grow also?
    Yet how much will that get highlighted for that Hun fuck, what’s his name again?

  • bertie basset says:

    a dirty tramp of a footballer , a pigs ear of a person in to the bargain , and believe me when i say i’m holding back here , he resorts to personal insults with the off hand comment of forgetting calmacs name , cal mac should take great comfort that the remark was measured and marked out to get in a sly dig as sourness is clearly irked by him , one things for sure if he did forget his name , and i don’t believe for a minute that he did , it seriously begs the question WTF the dumb punk is being paid for ? it certainly ain’t for being unable to know who the players are ,

  • harold shand says:

    He’s playing the game

    A*se licking the England team to keep himself in a job

    at the same time giving the Scottish hun media anti Celtic headlines

  • The Joker says:

    Lol oh how we feel his pain, league and Scottish Cup tucked away yonks ago and he is still suffering.

    That doughball with his backward way of playing and thinking the game he is finished in football terms,his claim to fame now is the odd special guest star appearance on nickel&dime TV stations and radio stations.

    This fanny sits back and wonders how he can’t get a proper gig in the media when he can’t get by reading his Janet&John books struggling with basic words to read in it.

    He is the as THICK as they come,you might find out soon that him and that FUD English are long twins separated at birth going by their STUPIDITY, all things sevco.

  • the maister says:

    Those Loyal Huns in the piture up there.
    They are all Sadducees.

  • Board Out! says:

    Guys just a SENILE AULD Hun Bastard!! Tory Cunt that when he passes Al CERTAINLY have a PARTY!!

  • Clachnacuddin and the Hoops says:

    Three Captain’s that the Calvinist Cunt WON’T forget…

    1) – Billy McNeill (Scotland’s only European Champion Captain)…

    2) – Neil Lennon (The Celtic Captain that kicked him and his English team outta Europe)…

    3) – Penalty Tav – (Three medals outta TWENTY FOUR at his beloved new club that he ‘jumped the dyke’ to !

  • TicToc says:

    (At the opening pic), Ah looked an’ ah looked an ah looked an’ ah looked……nae Lawwell?
    Must be out skinflinting somewhere……then claiming (extortionate) expenses to be paid from his home in Thorntonhall to, e.g. East Kilbride. Man-made Director of Football at CP, clueless, except for personal gain at which he really excels.
    ONE DAY………….

  • Chris says:

    CalMac has 61 caps going back to 2017. Plays for the most successful club in the land over the last two decades, and has lifted 7 of the last 9 cups personally. This commentary is beneath team-specific commentators and the CTE, steroid-brain riddled hacks who do regional American sports broadcasts. At least in the states, the networks would have the decorum to force an apology.

    Also, Germany played Scotland off of the park. Why is this *the* goal everyone is focusing on? What about the four others?

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