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Idah opens up on the cloud over his Norwich exit

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Adam Idah has opened up on the circumstances that resulted in him being sent out on loan by Norwich City in January.

The striker joined Norwich in July 2019 but with their promotion hopes from the Championship struggling at the turn of the year there was a demand for change.

Sydney van Hooijdonk on loan from Bologna was viewed as the solution, Idah needed to be removed with a Deadline Day move to Celtic appealing to all parties.

On January 28 Idah came off the bench for Norwich in their FA Cup defeat away to Liverpool, a week later he was coming off the bench for Celtic away to Aberdeen as a remarkable four month turn around in his career kicked off.

Asked for details about being a scapegoat the Norwich based Pink Un reports Idah saying:

I just think the (Norwich) fans and the media. It felt that anything I was doing was wrong. If I scored a goal, it wasn’t as good as the last time. If I don’t play minutes, I’m not good enough. I was just stuck in that hole.

It probably happens to everyone in football, not just me. It was just unfortunate that I was in it at that period but who knows what’s going to happen.

To be fair, Norwich has been brilliant. The club itself has been fantastic to me. They have shown so much support and faith in me which I can only thank them for.

Overall, I have enjoyed Norwich. It’s the club that brought me up and where I started my career. I can only say good things about them.

There were no scenes of celebration or crowds outside Celtic Park to welcome Idah to Celtic in January, returning from Hampden with the Scottish Cup on May 25 he had etched his name into Celtic’s history as a Cup Final hero.

Now his circumstances are much changed. Celtic and other clubs are expected to put in bids of £6m for the striker while new Norwich City boss Johannes Hoff Thorup has a real asset to consider in pre-season with promotion to the EPL expected at Norwich.

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  • Clachnacuddin and the Hoops says:

    A very honest assessment and very professional and no toys being flung outta the pram or baby barbie dolls being flung from the bath water…

    The polar opposite of what Big Barbie Doll Cantwell would do !

  • Johnno says:

    Norwich find themselves in a similar situation with idah, than we have regarding Mikey Johnston?
    The main difference, as I see it currently, is that I don’t see a place for Mikey Johnston in our squad next season, even with the 8 homegrown rule in operation?
    So Mikey Johnston is looking as surplus to requirements for ourselves imo, and potentially needs to kick-start his career elsewhere?
    Now on the other hand, Idah with such a successful loan period with ourselves, has outgrown the opportunity’s available to himself at Norwich, compared to what is on offer to idah and ourselves?
    Not surprising really as we are such a far bigger club than Norwich ever will be?
    So when you take into consideration of where both of the careers of idah and Mikey are currently at, could it be more beneficial for both ourselves and Norwich to be looking at a swap deal with ourselves maybe having to pay a far smaller amount to secure Idah, and Norwich getting a decent enough player in Mikey in return for that level of football imo?

    • TicToc says:

      I think that’s a good shout and would be delighted if it happened. Suggest it to Brendan!
      Perhaps West Brom will put in a bid, they’ve seen what he can do.
      But, that point apart, it’s the ‘silly season’, rumour here, BS there.
      Anyone paying any attention to the Daily Rancid, Football Scotland or Football anything, needs urgent treatment. Che sera, sera………..
      But we NEED to strengthen and a ‘Keeper is priority, even 2. Another left-sided CB would help immensely too, especially if he’s a good LB as well. A striker of course.
      But who’s helping Brendan deliver?
      Certainly not that fat, tory bastard Lawwell, but he may be obstructing as usual.
      Get him tae fukk and don’t let him be replaced by another prick like Nicholson.
      I love Glasgow Celtic FC. I love our supporters. I despise ‘everyone, anyone’ who gets onto our Board, as to date they may as well be huns. Self-serving tory bastards.
      But, until the supporters have far better spokespersons and lose the apathy, we’ll stumble on with Desmond, Lawwell and their ilk running the football club like a wee personal asset. Fukkem, all of ’em.

  • the maister says:

    UCL experience guaranteed at celtic next season. Might just take a call to BR!?

  • the maister says:

    Idah and Celtic are a proven fit!
    Celtic should put up the £6 milllion and secure him!
    If they don’t we will be onto the Want-Ads again to find a striker!
    Without a proven striker we will be embarrassed (again) in the UCL.
    Rodgers does not know how to play Kyogo, in my opinion. He plays him but he can hardly get a note out of him, never mind a tune! He is not a solution, more of a problem for Rodgers! He could very well leave after next season!
    Idah is an obvious solution. If Celtic are serious about competing in the UCL next season, they should stump up the dough for a player who is already a success at the Club. It’s not Rocket Science!
    Just build on what we have got!

  • Robert Downey says:

    The clown who is writing this is doing his damdest to make sure Celtic don’t get him

  • the maister says:

    Clowns and their money are easily parted from one another, it has been said!
    Take a dive!

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