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Tavernier and Goldson set for key roles as Clement recreates the Class of 95…

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With the Clement Revolution! stalling over financial problems Ibrox fans are being fed a steady diet of moonbeams to hype up the arrival of unknown starlets.

It will take a lot to surpass the Daily Record passing off Jefte as a future Real Madrid transfer target but the Rangers Review has put together a noble attempt to match that.

While production at the Murray Park Academy has stalled at Alex Lowry the club has been busy scouting the globe to bring in their equivalent of the Class of 92, the Manchester United Youth Cup winning side that provided the backbone for a decade of success for Alex Ferguson.

It is the sort of spin that James Traynor and Keith Jackson specialised in under Dave Murray with that template still very much in use to keep the Gullible & Deluded well away from the grim reality of life inside the 2012 Tribute Act.

Picking up the baton to deliver the latest spin, the Rangers Review identifies the next Beckham, Neville’s and Scholes set to dominate Scottish football over the next decade:

Rangers don’t have that conveyor belt of youths to come into the team but those that have arrived are all in their early twenties and do not have a lot of first team football behind them. Clinton Nsiala arrives from AC Milan yet to play any first team football at all. Whilst you want a young, exciting prospect pushing the first team regulars, it’s a lot to ask of him to be expected to slot straight into our first team.

Jefte is only 20, Oscar Cortes is 20, Mohammed Diomande is 22 and the aforementioned Nsiala is also 20. That can be exciting, because the energy and enthusiasm will be there, as well as the hunger to succeed. But how do we balance that with another vital component – experience?

Albion Rrahmani is 23, Connor Barron is 21, Damian Garcia is 20, Yusuf Kabadayi is 20. Just some of the names and profiles linked to Rangers. I like it, it’s clearly an exciting change in strategy and finally it looks like the club have identified a plan of action. Buy young, nurture and help progress those players before enhancing their values and abilities.

Eric Cantona, Steve Bruce, Paul Ince and Gary Pallister can be found in the shape of Sid Dessers, Connor Goldson, Todd Cantwell and James Tavernier, passing on their experience to the exciting crop of discarded starlets arriving at Ibrox.

After losing five out of contract stars at the start of this month there hasn’t been a sniff of interest in the leftovers to fund Clement’s summer spending spree, not even in £21m rated Jack Butland which was being discussed as a done deal six weeks ago. There is no decimal point in that fee.

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  • Board Out! says:

    Signing players akin tae that of a Bottom 6 side lol! That’s what they are without VAR! Baldy will be gone by end ae Sept before wee Bawwy the Fud & Whrsh ra Deeds Broon take over to install that REAL RANJERKS Mentality WHAHAHAHAHA!!

  • john clarke says:

    Very informative Joe. They must have taken Clachnacuddin’s advice. “Put the Snow Monkey Rangers captured in charge of their Finance Dept”. Way to go Gers. The new lads will have to be better than Newcastle United’s Under 21s who played hardened profesionals in the Aussie A league All Stars, 21 May 2024; and were shellacked nil-8. Aussies saw it as a contemptible act by Howe and his Club.
    I am looking forward to the great Scottish Missionary Football Club Dundee teach Gers a lesson in good manners by trouncing them. Dundee took their entertaining brand of football to Provincial centres and poorer rural areas of Southern Africa, Australia and Northern America, many years ago. They were not fly in-fly out tours.

  • the maister says:

    Comedy Gold there, from Tim79!

  • Charlie Green says:

    Why have Sevco not gone for Shankland as he seems a perfect fit and is “homegrown”.

    I am doubling down on my statement that all that is missing from their schoolboy style of football is a goal scorer as they make chances.

    I have heard such things as he is” too slow” and right enough, I only like goals that are scored by fast runners.

    • the maister says:

      Is it because he would cost
      “Real Money”

      • Charlie Green says:

        I get what you are saying but I bet they will spend more on dross in total than what it would take to get him and for my money he is all they need.

      • Clachnacuddin and the Hoops says:

        “Real MADRID Money” maister – It’s Sevco we’re talking about here and they are the richest, most important, hugest fanbase, hugest club in the universe (Snigger Snigger) !

        And with that satirical comment ma false teeth at the top fell out !!!

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