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Angry bears turn on absentee Chairman as Ibrox crisis deepens

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It seems that time is up for the current regime at Ibrox with the goodwill from winning Lockdown SPFL title then reaching the Europa League Final in Seville running dry.

Seven Celtic trophy parties over three years just as the Tribute Act were about to kick on has left supporters on the brink of despair.

As recently as April loyal bears were celebrating taking a point off Celtic at Fortress Ibrox but a month later it was business as usual as two defeats to Celtic saw their city rivals take their trophy haul to 118. Some bears are even questioning the brilliance of A Proper Football Manager.

Overseeing it all is John Bennett, a director since 2015, vice Chairman since March 2020 and leader of the brogues and blazers since April 2023.

On top of a disastrous footballing record the closure of Ibrox followed by a wall of silence while speculation rages online about the real problem and whether Ibrox will be open again this season.

Empire is a staff member on Follow Follow, after being uber staunch and obedient for years it seems that reality is kicking in as their media partners attempt to put a gloss on recent events.

Talking up a free agent signing as a future Real Madrid Galactico is a stretch too far while no one really believes Barry Ferguson will be inside Ibrox in September watching Phil Clement’s brilliant batch of projects.

Yesterday it emerged that the Ibrox Fan Advisory Board had been reassured that all was well with the Copland Road Stand rebuild just three days before the closure of Ibrox was announced.

Three weeks later there has been no update on where ‘home’ matches are played, now it won’t take much for a full on mutiny with Bennett grateful that home is in Essex stock-broker rather than in amongst the angry bears.

Similar to the announcement that Ibrox has closed for business there has been no update on the appointment of a new CEO after James Bisgrove’s departure was announced on May 30.

The smart money is on Bennett being the next resignation due to family commitments.

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  • Paddybhoy67 says:

    Just for a minute there I could almost detect a modicum of sympathy for the bears. Then a vision of Souness, Gascoigne with his flute, Roberts, Neil McCann and Donald Findlay’s sash, the Zionist Onion Bears, the hate-filled marches past St Mary’s in the Calton, the Glib and Shameless one, and Terry Hurlock snogging fat Sally flashed through my mind, and I thought, “f*ck them”.

    • Terence Nova says:

      I hope this shitshow continues for the forseeable future…and beyond. Loving their pain and anger…It’s in their DNA….And as Dundee FC might say…Karma is a wonderful thing.

  • The Joker says:

    I told you all last week the CHISLER was hanging around again,apparently he has been seen carrying golf klubs for a top golfer for the Open,that’s a smokescreen he is his way to be back sitting at the top table in ibrox.

    Watch in the coming days and weeks as manoeuvres into position.

  • Bob (original) says:

    If Bennett is ‘loyal’, then he just can’t leave until a new CEO has been appointed?

    And as Executive Chairman / Project Manager [ 🙂 ], Bennet should be visible to the

    staff around ibrox, whilst he’s dealing with the crisis – not hundreds of miles away.

    Because it is a crisis at ibrox.

    And, it could get a lot worse! 🙂

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