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‘Gees money…go away!’ ‘taking the utter piss now !’ ‘Some brass neck’ Ibrox fans react to latest cash raid

Image for ‘Gees money…go away!’ ‘taking the utter piss now !’ ‘Some brass neck’ Ibrox fans react to latest cash raid

Despite taking a vow of silence over the stadium closure the Ibrox commercial team aren’t letting up in their efforts to take money from fans.

Initially billed as a training ground match Sunday’s match with Ajax has been upgraded to a friendly with loyal bears able to watch the action in style at New Edmiston House for just £3. Entry is free to watch all matches during the European Championships with trade reported to be light.

It may be a token charge, less than the price of a pint but demonstrates that every effort is being made to take money from fans while Season Ticket holders are left in the dark over where ‘home’ matches will be played.

Opened a year ago as a concert venue the only events being staged during July and August are all club related, on Saturday night for just £36.50 the loyal bear can get a Stadium Tour with John Brown, the man that was warning fans not to buy the pies in the summer of 2012.

Back on June 20 the rumours were confirmed that Ibrox wouldn’t be ready for the start of the season with a rogue Asian supplier blamed for the problem.

All of the media messengers trotted out the line that it would be for August only with nothing to back up that theory. Additionally an unknown club employer had lost his job as part of the deflection exercise.

Overnight Keith Jackson of the Daily Record pushed the timescale back to October, all going well alongside the ominous revelation that Hampden will be used for the foreseeable future.

The real story of course lies elsewhere, there is a 50-50 chance that Ibrox will be in use for the visit of 3,000 Celtic fans on January 2.

There won’t be any UEFA group stage matches played at Ibrox in the 24/25 season which will take a big chunk out of Phil Clement’s transfer war-chest.

In a few weeks time the team at New Edmiston House will be launching their festive programme of events with goodwill from loyal bears falling through the floor.

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  • Board Out! says:

    Roll up Roll up Gullibillies tae watch a MEANINGLESS Friendly on John Bennetts Firestick fur 3 quid Lol! Anywan that goes tae this really is an OLIVE short ae a Feature buuuttt then again it is the Zombies we’re talking about WHAHAHAHAHA!!

  • Jim M says:

    Heard their selling snake oil now , helps with anything regarding sevco ripping off the zombie hoards, helps the extra large bitter pill 2 swallow ?

  • JC says:

    The £3 admission fee is to cover the face painter.

  • Clachnacuddin and the Hoops says:

    Jeez – They missed a big marketing trick there for sure…

    £36.50 for a tour with The Ugly Duckling – And Entry is not very brisk, but light…

    Are they to thick to ascertain that the thickos would roll up in their gazillions on a daily basis if, if, if…

    They made it £16.90 per tour ticket !

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