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Malaise and Apathy- David Edgar’s despondent message to despairing bears

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David Edgar seems close to reality as he examines the new season prospects for his beloved football club.

Back in February there was real excitement in the air as A Proper Football Manager closed in on an unprecedented Quadruple with party plans being set up for winning the Europa League in Dublin.

There wasn’t a single dissenting voice across Ibrox fan media as they marvelled at the work of Clement with Brendan Rodgers certain to be finally exposed after trashing successive Ibrox bosses during his first spell at Celtic.

That euphoria was under threat when Celtic drew 3-3 at Ibrox on April 7, reality threatened to set in but at the final whistle Mister Clement made a triumphant lap of honour, banging his fist against his heart then discussing the moral victory his side had enjoyed.

Over the next two matches the bubble was burst. One point from trips to Ross County and Dundee unleashed the anger and abuse for a group of serial losers, by the time Clement’s side turned up at Celtic Park on May 11 most bears had already turned their back on Captain Disappointed and the usual suspects.

Normally at this time of the year Close Season Cup celebrations are in full flow but a few starlets destined for Real Madrid and Barcelona coupled with the closure of Ibrox have burst that bubble.

Reality appears close to setting in, on the Heart & Hand website Edgar writes:

Over the last few years, Rangers fans have got into the habit – or rather, Rangers have made the fans get into the habit – of being relieved that the season is over. After uninspiring performances, painful losses in big matches and many an off-field nonsense, the break has almost come to feel like a burden being lifted.

The beckoning summer offers a chance to rebuild, to replenish lost energies and gear up for the next season’s battles. This year, though, something feels different – and not in a good way.

Perhaps it is the thought of yet another squad rebuild after years of half-arsed or completely botched attempts. Maybe it’s the Stadium fiasco and not knowing where we’ll be pitching up to watch our side. Or could it be it’s just inevitable that after a while, the downbeat mood from one season will bleed into the next? Hell, maybe it’s the weather. Most likely it’s a combination of them all.

The reasons can be argued, but what is difficult to shake is the notion of malaise. The factors mentioned – with the exception of the weather, which in fairness even the most performative Twitter hot-take machine would struggle to pin on the club – have one central theme: mistakes. There is a sense among the support that the club, to put it mildly, can’t get anything right. Now, whether that is fair or not is very much down to the perceptive powers of the individual supporter but it doesn’t change the perception.

Rangers stumble along from one month to the next, hoping whichever latest swing for the fences we are attempting will work. It then doesn’t, fans are asked to put it behind them and on the circus rumbles.

With the Daily Record being fed a version of what is going on over the stadium closure fan media outlets are starting to realise their place in the news chain.

The solo pleasures of watching the bizarre SPFL title win and selfies with Mister Gerrard are wearing thin as Celtic fans celebrate titles, trophies and trebles.

With the hoops now on 118 trophy successes and Going For 55 in the new season there are serious grounds for concern at Ibrox with fan media outlets starting to distance themselves as they review the multiple failings of the club at every level.

In 2009 Edgar was one of the leading figures in the We Deserve Better campaign launched by the Rangers Supporters Trust, it seems that a similar movement might soon be launched with anger off the radar among many fans over how their club is being mis-managed.

Heart & Hand are the official sponsor of Nicky Raskin.

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  • The Joker says:

    I still think The CHISLER is lurking in the background ready to pounce again,SIMPLETONS in their fans group like Edgar would jump back on any wagon that looks like it would bring sone kind of change or trasformality back to the klub,and King is the perfect GRIFTER to do that,after all he has done before.

    He will watch getting run into the ground again then snap it up,with the likes of Edgar and Halloween Houston and others pushing for it as his lackies.

    On another matter what’s happened to wee Quark from Deep Space 9 aka Alex Rae is he still at the klub or on Universal Credit.

  • Tony B says:

    They deserve BANTER.

    • Clachnacuddin and the Hoops says:

      Ha Ha – Brilliant Tony B ! – From Billy Bunter to Guiilbilly Banter then !!!

  • The Joker says:

    Oh dear Robbie Copeland at the daily sevco today writing an article about sevco doing some training and one of the new stars scoring a goal,this is a fuckin training exercise and this FUD is excited about a player scoring a goal in training,it’s as if the player scored a goal in a champions league final to hear this James hunt.

  • Terence Nova says:

    What’s the betting that if this isn’t sorted by first Cup draw being made…The fix will be in for an AWAY game for Sevco….How ironic.

  • The Joker says:

    Another day more FAKE NEWS stories about transfers,Birmingham are back in for Goldson and it’s mega-money again though no price is mentioned mega gets a mention.
    A team relegated from the championship last season having to cut their cloth accordingly to get by are going spend mega money on a flop.

  • scousebhoy says:

    the fix is already in with doncaster and sky sevco doing their usual to help them.

  • Charlie Green says:

    After viewing the clip of Celtic at training at Lennoxtown, It suddenly donned on me that any player coming to Celtic park can only progress as far as the coaching abilities of Kennedy and Strachan. Which means they can only regress if they are more talented than the coaches’

    It also begs the question of how high is the bar set for obtaining official coaching qualifications and who decides the level of expertise, a situation which seems to immediately set limits as to their particular set of skills.

    You can get a job as an accountant without a degree in Accountancy so why insist on coaches having certificates instead of talent?

    Scales and Christie vastly improved under Aberdeen’s coaching system so it seems there will be different levels anyway.

    Similarly Scottish football cannot progress any further than the corrupt and incompetent officials running it, whose qualification seems to be if your face fits.

    As a rider, Celtic have a qualified account running the football side of thing s it seems.

    “How is that working out for you?” as Dr Phil used to say.

  • Bob (original) says:

    sevco doesn’t have much;

    – time
    – cash
    – steel
    – goodwill across the Scottish game.


    sevco does have lots of;

    – debt
    – unexpected / unplanned operating costs
    – legal actions coming their way
    – hope [?]
    – angry supporters!


    The coming season already has the makings of a major crisis at ibrox.

    It’s a wee shame, so it is…

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