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Rangers Tax Case demolishes the Daily Record’s Bisgrove deflection exercise

Image for Rangers Tax Case demolishes the Daily Record’s Bisgrove deflection exercise

It was a story crying out for the forensic treatment of Rangers Tax Case, tonight the leading Twitter account didn’t disappoints.

While the woes of botched building work plus the wars in Palestine and Ukraine have been dumped on James Bisgrove by the Daily Record RTC has a slightly different take.

Highlighting the fact that the former Ibrox CEO had never been involved in anything more constructive than getting a Crypto currency printed on a T-shirt kind of gets the message over.

Apparently Bisgrove completely betrayed his former employers as he raced off to the desert for an easy life and £1m plus tax free salary leaving John Bulldog Bennett to pick up the pieces.

It’s a classic ploy from the Record, one that they’ve pulled on their readers many times in return for the inside news on the latest big money signing jetting in to join up.

This one is going to be a lot more difficult to pull off. Around 45,000 Season Ticket holders have been left in the dark as speculation over the real reasons for the building work and delays run rife across social media.

RTC called it right once before, ice cream and jelly 2024 style may not be too far away.

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  • Board Out! says:

    The FILTH will blame ANYWAN from the past rather than blame Wankers like Bennett & Co. MINTY got it fur Yrs but NANE ae them complained when they were CHEATING their way tae Trophy after Trophy!! They’re SCUM PLAIN & SIMPLE.. We can only hope the MISERY CONTINUES FUREVER & EVER LOL!

  • Jim M says:

    Popcorn at the ready , this is a long watch , but worth it, best comedy we’ll see this year , should be Oscar nominations

  • Bob (original) says:

    Bennett needs to promote someone, or bring in a new CEO – ASAP.

    Otherwise, Bennett himself will be fully exposed as being the main sevco incompetent?

    Can only imagine how horrible the working environment must be for the

    back office staff…?

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