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‘Which year?’ ‘The asbestos is yet to come’ ‘sales of jelly and ice cream going through the roof’ Fans react to Ibrox being closed for the foreseeable

Image for ‘Which year?’ ‘The asbestos is yet to come’ ‘sales of jelly and ice cream going through the roof’ Fans react to Ibrox being closed for the foreseeable

After sticking rigidly to the August only message Keith Jackson last night informed Daily Record readers that their favourite club would be playing home matches at Hampden for the foreseeable future.

Apparently Ibrox will be available in October at the earliest but the main story is that the Internet Bampots were on the FACTS! as soon as the June 20 statement came out while the mainstream stayed firmly on message.

Eighteen days on from the announcement of examining contingency plans there is no word directly from Ibrox on where home games will be staged and when they will return to their historic home since 2012.

One or possibly two Champions League qualifiers will be staged away from Ibrox, group stage football in one competition is assured but if the September match is at Hampden all of the remaining group stage matches will be at the same venue.

With the loss of matchday income coupled with rental charges elsewhere it creates the perfect storm just as Phil Clement is looking for experienced leaders to replace the serial losers that he guided to two second places in May.

Going on past experiences the October comment can be transformed into December of January, when Jackson delves into middle east politics you know that there is no clear message.

Record readers are treated to the following insight!

And that’s with a fair wind and in the absence of the Houthis throwing a spanner in the works somewhere in the Red Sea. All these imponderables – and the uncertainty they create – leave Bennett trying to spin plates in search of a solution but without knowing when his own stadium will be open again.

It remains to be seen if there is an official statement from Executive Chairman Bennett this week, if not it will be the pesky Celtic bloggers and Internet Bampots breaking the news with the Record and others playing catch up for their army of readers.

How many signings will Celtic make in time for SPFL starter on August 4?

None, it will be in the final few weeks

None, it will be in the final few weeks

One signing

One signing

Two signings

Two signings

Four or more

Four or more
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  • Clachnacuddin and the Hoops says:

    “The Asbestos is yet to come” !

    Wow – When it comes to wit and humour dark or light – Celtic supporters simply have no equal…

    In that sphere – we simply sit As-Best !!!

  • Tony B says:

    Yup. They’re simply as best os.

    Mon the Houthis!

    • Terence Nova says:

      Serious question…Is there definite proof of Asbestos being the real problem…or is it wishful thinking on our part…??…

      • Tony B says:

        I think we are entitled to speculate about asbestos or anything else for that matter given the lies, secrecy and silence surrounding the Crumbledome problems.

        Something seriously amiss there.

        What are they hiding?

    • Terence Nova says:

      Nice one…

  • Eldraco says:

    All that needs to happen to them now is for some ambulance chasers starting up a class action of some lung illness amongst the support and blame it on the copeland stand there would be all sorts of hell unleashed.

    Geeze what a shit show

  • The Joker says:

    Where is wee Comical Ali aka Barry Ferguson, he usually has a ghost writer article in the daiy sevco on a Monday.

    It was only last week he was bragging about the stadium being opened up in September, now it’s closer to Christmas time or the New Year.

    C’mon Comical Ali let’s hear your pish.

    Editor: Friday is Barry’s day, more praise for honest and open John Bennett, usual drill.

  • Charlie Green says:

    This is great fun but if I can digress for just a moment. We do not look like signing anyone that would improve the team and still do not have a goalkeeper. Surely, Lawwell and company should have had a couple of options in mind before the last game of the season and have one of them signed by now.
    The reason I am saying this, is that the media have released photos of a possible away shirt in yellow and it struck me that the board are actually wanting fans to spend money on the club when they won’t.
    Quite ironic.

    Editor: Alas the only ambition of Lawwell and friends is to stay a point ahead of the 2013 Division Three champions, anything more requires hard work and bringing in people that understand footballers. Protect the Balance Sheet at all cost, and it is very costly.

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