Mowbray’s total disbelief at decisions

Tony Mowbray has admitted to total disbelief over some of the decisions that have gone against Celtic this season.
The build-up to Sunday’s third derby match of the season has been dominated by news that Celtic have been in talks with the SFA about a number of decisions that have gone against them this season. 
The timing of the story has piled extra pressure on Sunday’s referee Dougie McDonald who sent off Aiden McGeady for simulation earlier this season against Hibs.
Celtic are believed to have raised various issues with the SFA including key decisions that went against them in this season’s earlier matches against Rangers.
Last night Mowbray told Celtic’s own Channel 67 service: “The last time that we went to Ibrox there were some huge decisions that didn’t go our way to the extent that the official apologised the next day for getting some big decisions wrong.
“When I look back in the cold light of day and analyse some of the decisions that have gone against us this season, some of the time it’s with total disbelief about how they came to those decisions.
“If the reports are right it will only bring clarification.
“I don’t think that anyone would ever question the integrity of the officials anywhere in world football but in my own mind there has been a lot of decisions that I’ve found very difficult to understand.
“When I’ve looked back on them I’ve thought ‘that can’t be right’. There is a big game to come and this is probably not the time to discuss referees.
“What I do know is that we have a big game on Sunday and hopefully the referee has a good game and gets all the major decisions right.”

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  • Anonymous says:

    Better late than never Celtic….
    still think we let the SFA off the hook after Farrygate..we should have pursued this to the hilt….and maybe…just maybe….we wouldn't be in this position today…

  • Robert says:

    TM has just went up a million fold in my estimation. The meeja are throwing hand grenades in everywhere and thankfully its starting too look like the SFA/BBC are complicite in this. BBc tonight thought the Source was a total hoot. Indeed, Dodds admitted that this season the refs might have made a few mistakes in our games but ONLY THIS SEASON. They are trying to laugh it off because they know they have totally boobed. And never listen to real radio.


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