The week that was- best of the Celtic internet


Just how many great debates can the Celtic internet handle?

Try Scott Brown, Georgios Samaras, Paddy McCourt and The Green Brigade for starters, all debated actively online with all shades of opinion represented.

On-line opinions are as divided as Andy Walker and Neil Lennon which provided a distracting rammy in midweek.

How Tennents feel on this matter will be interesting, the George Square gig was to generate publicity but drawing very direct criticism from the manager of one of their sponsoring clubs could be counter productive.

The comments from Pierre van Hooijdonk seemed a bit remote and out of touch, I suspect he watched the return leg of the Braga tie expecting to see one of the fabled European comebacks which was never on.

I don’t know of anyone that went to that match expecting a reversal on the result from the previous week, a good performance, a win obviously and some signs of teamwork emerging would have been sufficient.

There was good and bad in the ninety minutes but there’s no doubt that the Europa League is the level that we are currently at, gaining experience and a degree of success at that level will allow the team to tentatively move towards the Champions League once again.

Seeing Braga being drawn against Seville puts European aspirations into perspective- we are currently a long way short of Champions League requirements.

The Celtic Underground Top 25 Most Influential Tims Online certainly triggered plenty of debate and some tantrums. I’m sure that it sparked lots of debate amongst the CU team as they explained by increasing the list from 20 to 25.

Almost all on-line Celtic content is of value, the internet is very democratic and whatever appeals to one supporter could be a turn off for for another. All shades of opinion are represented on-line, it’s generally free, and the most popular sites and forums establish themselves.

The ever expanding and diversifying Lost Bhoys are never short of something to say for themselves, the weekly podcast gets slicker and slicker without losing it’s home made charm. With an expanding list of bloggers contributing daily updates you are never far away from a running commentary on all matters at the club, again with various shades of opinion accommodated and encouraged.

In the midst of a genuine transfer window the e-tims Friday Supplement was largely predictable this week although impossible to ignore. The riddles and in-jokes are hard to crack at times but the well established site has it’s own particular niche although it can get grumpy at some of the whipper-snappers that are continually joining the ‘tic internet market.

Celtic Quick News took a brief breather before returning with a slightly clearer appearance with the same type of content and rapid fire debate to keep the fastest of readers clicking their refresh button.

The hard to categorise thecelticfcblog is a strange mixture of all sorts, certainly not of the copy n paste variety with some intense and deep though clearly put into each article. I did pick up on the article criticising the ball-boys performance against Braga. It is a minor point but it is the sign of a struggling team when attention turns to the quality of the ball-boys regardless of whether it’s merited.

We Know SFA throw their net far and wide but may soon be looking for a new masthead with big George Peat looking uncomfortable following the departure of side-kick Gordon Smith. T-shirts and music co-inside with a look at the musical talents of St Johnstone’s Kevin Rutkiewicz.

I’m kicking off a best of the web weekly feature on Video Celts, I’ll by-pass the message boards and podcasts for now in preference for yea olde fashioned typed word, feel free to fire in anything that catches your eye and keep the diverse on-line world of Celtic as interactive and essential as possible.

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  • A club is measured by it’s ballboys Joe. It’s an important fabric of the club. They reminded me of those wee gadges that are meant to watch your motor.

  • Joe McHugh says:

    Strangely I did notice them being short of their best on Wednesday, not that they were alone! A few times there were a two balls on the park, I’m sure all will be well for the big kick off.

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