Give Paddy the ball and he'll become a genius


The Derry Pele

Paddy McCourt or Aiden McGeady?

It’s the question and debate that can never be answered.

One of them made their debut at 17, won league and cup medals, starred in the Champions League and was sold for a £9.5m profit.

The other is starting his third season at Celtic, has yet to play a full 90 minutes, arrived for an undisclosed fee and was interesting Blackpool before signing a new Celtic contract.

It should be an open and shut case but clearly isn’t.

According to Roddy Collins, who managed McCourt at Shamrock Rovers, the comparison is a non-contest.

Collins claimed: “McGeady’s a good player and a good lad but his talent isn’t even 20 per cent of Paddy’s natural ability.

“He might come inside and score a wonder goal once a season. Paddy will do it in every game. If you want someone in the final third to create havoc, Paddy’s your man.”

In an era of super athletes, physical giants and marathon runners McCourt is a thrown back to a previous era when it was all about ability rather than agility.

His lack of first team action adds to the legend that is Paddy McCourt. In a 13 minute appearance against Hearts last Saturday it took him five minutes to get a kick of the ball but all week supporters have been drooling over another magical goal- his first at Celtic Park.

The McCourt fella arrived in Glasgow 27 months ago as a low key signing with Gordon Strachan noticeably absent from the introduction press conference.

You Tube guru’s and supporters dotted around Ireland knew who Celtic had signed but questioned whether his wizardry could be translated into the SPL from the League of Ireland.

Out of nowhere appeared the not so shy and retiring Roddy Collins to tell the world that the new bhoy was better than McGeady- the player who had just inspired Celtic to a final day title triumph over Rangers.

Surely not Roddy?

Cameo appearance by cameo appearance the legend of McCourt has grown. It started on Celtic TV as he put popped up with a solo effort to win the monthly goal of the month award with word starting to spread.

Back to back first team goals for Tony Mowbray at Falkirk and St Mirren a year ago put down a marker of someone that bit different but genius couldn’t be delivered on a regular basis.

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  • Vincent Doherty says:

    I agree 100% with what Roddy Collins had said.
    Celtic are lucky he’s not some petulant prima donna or he would have been off long ago after being treated abominably by Strachan and Mowbray.
    He’s had to make way on a regular basis for chumps who couldn’t lace his boots. This club is know world wide for it’s reputation for playing ‘pure, beautiful , inventive football.’
    In the current team only Paddy Mc Court meets all three standards. And then some.
    I’m off to the airport soon to head to Killlie and I’m going to be very annoyed if he doesn’t start.
    I say that as a Lennon loyalist and someone who’s been going to see Celtic for over 40 years. Away The Derry Bhoy!

  • john d says:

    I’d just love to see him given a fair go… as the post said and rightly… he’s the sort of fella that will have Celtic Park full again… I just hope that Lenny has the bottle to give him a run of games.

    Surely the mighty ‘tic can take that risk in the dreadful quality that is the SPL.

    ‘Mon Paddy, lets get us singing again!

  • wulliebhoy says:

    The bhoys dribbling ability is genius. He’s too good to be sitting on the bench

  • Hopefully another performance from Celtic & Paddy McCourt today will see the growth of the Fenian Army.


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