UEFA's David Taylor confesses to 'Tommy from Glasgow'

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David Taylor UEFA newsFormer UEFA General Secretary David Taylor has given some incredibly candid views on Celtic’s disciplinary matters to notorious phone-in participant ‘Tommy’ from Glasgow.

With most broadcasters well primed to listen out for his distinctive voice and favoured topics ‘Tommy’ has been forced on-line to voice his opinions.

Claiming to be from ‘Glasgow Radio Online’ he managed to phone up Taylor in Switzerland with the former SFA Chief Executive giving some remarkably revealing thoughts on the on-going investigation into the incidents at the Udinese v Celtic Europa League tie last month.

During the interview Taylor volunteered the information that ‘his wife and kids were good catholics’ and claimed that Celtic had ‘not got a lot of friends in the media, particularly the BBC’.

Tommy’s interviewing style would have the famous bleep system on overtime with Taylor exchanging expletives as they both discussed the ‘F*** UEFA’ banner displayed in Udinese.

“My wife was at the game as well,” Taylor, who has a high powered marketing job at UEFA, butted in as ‘Tommy’ explained that he had been at the match with Rennes that sparked the current troubles with UEFA following claims of illicit chants.

CLICK HERE for the link to the interview (warning contains swearing) David Taylor interview begins 5 min 45 seconds.

As well as the banner at the UEFA match Celtic are being charged with their supporters letting off flares at the match but Taylor explained: “To be honest there are clubs being fined every month for flares, it’s no big deal.”

During another crusade from Tommy discussing Artur Boruc being cautioned for blessing himself at Ibrox Taylor interrupted to chuckle: “I know all about it.”

Going on to discuss historical tensions between Celtic and the SFA Taylor admitted: “I think you are right in terms of the history, Celtic fans are great, the humour fantastic, but you could be a little bit more subtle than that (F*** UEFA), to be honest.

“These guys are looking at from a position of what do we do about something like this, do we just do nothing or do we do something?

“What do we do with it, is it a warning? I don’t know what they’ll decide, I hope that they don’t decide to do very much. I think that they’ll be told that this is not acceptable.”

Tommy then claimed that there had been a character assassination of Celtic supporters from the Scottish media with Taylor again jumping in in agreement.

“A lot of the time you haven’t got very many friends in the Scottish media,” he claimed. “I know from the years I was there, particularly the BBC.

“You have some difficulties with them sometimes. Coming from the culture of Scotland it’s just my own impression of the whole thing.”

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  • paranoidandroid says:

    David Taylor, an honest man ? He wont last much longer.

  • stephen brooks says:

    that tommy is some man anytime ive heard him he starts relatively quiet and it builds and builds before you know it the conspiracy theories are comming thick n fast…..he`s nuts

  • Mike Bhoyle says:

    Well done to Tommy for his brass neck….
    People like David Taylor would, normally,never give opinions on matters such as these…or divulge their family’s religious persuasion.
    I’m amazed at the outcome…..
    Hope Taylor isn’t in the merde , as a result.

  • arniebhoy says:

    poor mr taylor is likely to find himself unemployed soon as a result. shame really

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