Forster: Two reasons I've signed for Celtic

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Fraser Forster Celtic newsFraser Forster has revealed that two men made the decision for him to return to Celtic- and Stevie Woods.

The giant keeper was in constant touch with his Parkhead pals throughout the close season before deciding at the weekend to make his move permanent.

Forster has made 91 appearances for Celtic in two loan spells and will play his 92nd when Celtic enter the qualifiers in four weeks time.

“After winning the league it was the right decision for me to come back to Celtic,” the keeper told The Sun. “The opportunity to play in the was something I couldn’t turn down. I’m excited about that.

“I was never tempted by other possibilities. There’ always speculation, but in my mind I felt I’d end up back at Celtic.

“I’m very happy that I’m going to be at Celtic for the next four years at least. We won the league last season and it’ important we aim to keep on improving, individually and collectively.”

Forster added: “The manager’ faith in me means a lot, I’ve loved my two seasons at Celtic and he’s done so much for my confidence.

“He gave me my chance at Celtic and has stood by me ever since and it’ just about me repaying him now.

“The manager and goalkeeping coach Steve Woods were in constant touch with me throughout the close season, never easing up on the contract situation!

“I actually think me and Woodsy have spoken on the phone just about every day since the season ended.

“It’ a wonder we’re not sick of each other but, seriously, they could not have been better with me. It’s a great feeling to know you’re wanted so much.

“I’ve spoken to the gaffer probably every three or four days during the holidays and he’ never left any doubt about his desire for me to sign up.”

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  • NoPretender! says:

    finally somethin to happy about. now lets get a centre back sorted so we can prepare to take the elite (european, tht is & not scottish masonic sort).
    Hail hail!

  • Jhimmy T jnr says:

    I just hope he doesn’t break my heart the way Rab Naedug did in Seville.

    He has made some decent, important saves at times but sometimes I think he simply lacks natural ability.

    Anyway, he’s now a Hoop so good luck bhig man….lets make it happen HH 1NL YNWA

  • Mharkopolo says:

    Yep lets get a decent centre back now, we’re in a CB crisis atm. This Ciani bloke looks like a tank if we can get him I’ll be chuffed. Hail Hail Forster, you made the right decision!

  • wullie says:

    good he signed no lets get the big centre half Ciani signed up and training asap,the rest we can take our time with but Ciani sign him now lenny

  • Celtictransfertalk says:

    Agree with all, visit out transfer page on Facebook and on twitter for upto date news
    About Celtic, and only Celtic transfer news, as a page were delighted about Fraser signing, we have plenty of time to decide about a cb, but would be great to get one signed soon!


  • Stevie says:

    Not seen anything official site yet hope big FF has signed though.
    Ive got the judas syndrome don’t like to celebrate till its official.

  • Thebhoyblack says:

    Delighted, don’t know what some fans’ problem with FF is. Shut outs galore and as good a record as any I’ve seen!

  • Jimmy Snr says:

    Good move big man, money isnae everything in fitba, it’s about the badge, the fans and the lads around you. Welcome hame.

  • eires own says:


  • paul,c says:

    if he was never tempted by other possibilities,why piss about so long before signing? CELTIC shoulda dumped him & got gorden or robinson!

  • edward says:

    I agree with the comment about his natural ability.He is still weak on cross balls and unsure when to come out creating unnessary panic at times .I hope his confidence improves now that he has signed and he does realise his full potential.Big Rab ,however springs to mind too easily.Robinson might have been a better choice if it had been possible.Another centre back and we should improve.

  • Not convinced about his “not being tempted by other possibilities”

    In the end I think Celtic was his only real option with lennon really wanting the guy despite his relectance to sign.

    Al Pardue said he was coming back to Newcastle until they got the price they wanted which suggests he wasn’t that happy about singing for the celts.

    I may wrong but did any other club really fancy him?

    He’s very fortunate to have such In fan in lennon.

    For me he cannot command his box,and stays on his line too much.

    Robinson from Blackburn – with his EPL experience would have been a decent choice as would Craig Gorden.

    Foster should count his blessings – celtic are massive,the best he could have got would have been a championship team – and I suspect he now knows that

    Foster is very lucky to be back at celtic

  • Seamus Mac says:

    Procrastinating Forster

    Disingenuous to now say that he was not tempted by other possibilities, when he dragged it out so long. As a result, I am not very convinced as to his loyalty or even his understanding of being what Celtic minded is. Where else would he get Champions League football? a good goal keeper can help to get us into the important games.

    However, he has signed, so now repay the trust that Neil Lennon has put in you. Also, this is the last time you will hold us to ransom. Next time you are gone, hopefully for more than we paid for you

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