Date: 16th November 2012 at 6:34pm
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Charles Green has claimed that are wanted in the Premiership by Manchester United and in La Liga by Barcelona!

Despite his failure to produce a prospectus for his reported share issue Green has been telling anyone gullible enough to listen about the footballing giant lurching in the fourth tier of Scottish football.

The Sevco mouthpiece was recently forced into a grovelling apology to Aston Villa but has returned to the theme of how much more Sevco can bring to the Premiership compared to , Swansea, Wigan and Aston Villa.

Despite having no audited accounts and no prospectus Green was given free reign by the Associated Press to preach the gospel according to Charlie despite admitting that he’d never heard of Davie Cooper when he arrived at in May.

Without permission from it seems that Green is presenting both clubs as a package as he desperatly seeks credibility for his claims.

“As a football club, if Rangers were in the Premier League only Manchester United would be bigger,” the Sevco rent-a-quote claimed. “Because ‘aven’t got more fans than Rangers the fan base is so big.

“I don’t believe the Premier League are ‘ostile towards it because I think it’s a generalization. Speak to Manchester United. They are not ‘ostile to Rangers joining.”

Enterprisingly Green’s claims were put to Manchester United and were quickly dismissed.

“We are not in favor of it at all,” spokesman Phil Townsend responded. “We are against it, our view is it’s the English Premier League and should remain that way.”

Revelling in the spotlight Green went on to claim that Sevco would be welcomed in La Liga!

He added: “Ask Barcelona and Real Madrid if they would like Rangers and Celtic in their league. They definitely would. Why wouldn’t Barcelona want to play Rangers ‘ome and away as opposed to playing Getafe. They would sell (those) games out.

“What will change football over 5-to-10 years is this insatiable demand for the big clubs to play each other. And this is not the insatiable demand from the west Midlands or from north London. This is the demand from the Middle East, Asia, the Far East.

“The difficulty is that ‘istorically I don’t think Celtic and Rangers would have been allowed to consider leaving Scotland. What is now going to change things … is now we’ve got this cross-border league for women.”

Green’s desire to move to or isn’t likely to go down well with the who bent over backwards to create a place for Sevco and who presented their own plans for league in midweek.

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