Date: 13th December 2012 at 8:01am
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Heart-broken Steven Naismith fears he’ll never be able to go back to Ibrox after being sued by Charles Green.

The die-hard Rangers fan from Ayrshire walked away from the club when the liquidation process started to sign a lucrative deal at Everton as a free agent.

Green insists that his newco is due a fee for the loss of Naismith and will have his case heard by the SFA next month.

2012 is unlikely to go down as a year that the midfielder remembers with any fondness with a warm welcome back to Ibrox unlikely to happen anytime soon.

In March Naismith took a 75% paycut to ensure Rangers survived till the end of the season but the goodwill seems to have run dry.

“Will I be able to go back through the front door at Ibrox one day? Who knows?” he wondered. “I would like to, but I’m not going to sit here and say: ‘I would love that day blah blah blah’, because it might never come.

“You just never know. It’s something I am dealing with. Right now I would not go back for a game.

“A lot of fans are not happy with what happened and what went on, but you never know in the future.

“The whole situation is still raw at the moment but I am proud of the fact I played for Rangers for five years and won trophies.”

He added: “I still want to see Rangers do well. I try to watch the games on TV and there is an emotional attachment.

“I’m a Rangers fan, I grew up a Rangers fan and it was the hardest decision of my career to leave. I still look at the results. If there was an Old Firm game tomorrow, I’m sure I would watch it and have the same feelings.

“When you think of everything we went through as players last season it was more than is in the job title.

“It was hard. In hindsight everyone involved could have done things differently. Could I come back and play under Charles Green? I would never rule anything out.

“Who would have said Mo Johnston would go from one side of the Old Firm to the other? I’ve not got a personal issue with Charles Green or anyone involved at Rangers.

“I spoke to the management before I left and everything seemed to be fine. I have a lot of good friends there.

“In the situation we were in I got all the information I could and weighed up all my options and made the decision.”

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