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Internet bampot Ahmed faces Ibrox axe

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Imran Ahmad Rangers news

Imran Ahmed is facing the axe from the Ibrox boardroom after being uncovered on a fans forum.

Under the user-name of IamRangers a number of allegations have been made about Ally McCoist and Walter Smith with the electronic trail believed to lead back to commercial director Ahmed.

If he is axed from the board it leaves the remaining directors in an isolated position with two of the clubs major shareholders, Ahmed and Charles Green, on the outside looking in on crucial decision making.

By posting particularly detailed information critical of key figures at the club IamRangers drew attention to his postings sparking an enquiry inside Ibrox with most football clubs keeping an eye on popular forums and websites to keep a check on supporter opinions.

Ahmed’s departure looks like more than a co-incidence coming a week after Green stepped down as chief executive with fresh controversies arising on a daily basis at the Third Division champions.

An internal investigation is underway to examine links between Mr Green and Craig Whyte with the former billionaire from Motherwell ordering a Serious Fraid Squad investigation into the actions of Mr Green and Mr Ahmed.

That investigation centres on the ownership of Ibrox Stadium and Murray Park with even the directors of Rangers International unclear over the ownership of the stadium they play at.

Waiting nervously in the background the SFA have asked for further information about links to Mr Whyte who has been banned for life from Scottish football as well as having an unpaid fine of £250,000 for non-payment of social taxes.  

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  • turrahbhoy says:

    Sevco… The gift that keeps on giving pmsl

  • mark says:

    Lol ffs could you imagine Peter lawwell on here or the greenbrigade forum haha, I’ve always had suspicions monti is Neil Lennon lol HH cantmakeitup csc

  • Tully says:

    Another twist for when the Hollywood movie is made.

    Keep it up as its a laugh a minute!

  • cas says:

    This is only goin to get beter

  • jackmac says:

    Is there any chance of a club charge of bringing the game into disrepute? Thought not. Those hands must be nice and warm up at SFA/SFL Towers as they’ve been sat on for a long time now.

    I don’t want to sound paranoid but am fairly sure if it were us, we would have been charged long before now

  • eastside says:

    Con men often target weak minded, gullible, poorly educated people, “The People” who followed Rangers and now follow Sevco, are literally a dream come true to these crooks, they never in their wildest dreams believed there was such a large group of people in one place so astoundingly stupid.

  • Jimbo102 says:

    Obviously Imran didn’t feel at ease going through Jabba the fud’s communications networks!!!
    Hail hail

  • OZ CELT aka Davie Bhoy says:

    Given this a wee bit of thought and i think there are three contributing factors at play

    1. Threats and intimidation from the orcs in last year or so over 30 journos,Lennon,McBride,Goodwin,sfa panel,Green and i am sure there are more that aren’t public knowledge- there would be reason for them to be scared to act in fear of retrubutions from the good natured orcs

    2.Well documented and much talked about bias towards there beloved cheatco within the sfa – won’t act against their own

    3.The revenue that the orcs bring to the game is considerable and without them involved at some level would have a huge impact on scottish football- self presevation as it could lead to job cuts within sfa,spl etc due to drop in revenues/sponsership

    All that said justice SHOULD be done( removal of membership ) giving some badly needed integrety back to our game but can’t see it happening due to combinatioin of reasons above and the funny hand-shake factor ( at play during their secret meetings no doubt ),hope i am wrong on this,time will tell…………………

    • joratim says:

      Excellent stuff OZ CELT

      No matter what the fall out is, could be as you say in financial terms quite considerable.

      But have to agree that as I pointed out yesterday, falling in line with your post, justice has to be done, They still have penalties outstanding. ( strange thing to say as more often than not they were in receipt of dodgy penalties to help them out on the park )

      But if they were to be put out of business, would it kill football in this country?

      It could probably have a short term effect, then go into the history books.

      Say this due to the fact that my voluntary work, assisting victims of Asbestos Related Conditions sends me all over the country.

      I have met up with people from Aberdeen, Dundee, Perth and several other areas.

      Have been amazed with what I have listened to. People have been saying, without any prompting from myself, that they have been buying family season tickets. They have made it clear that they only took such action due to the fact that the now defunct clubs supporters would not be within their area and their families, wee lads and lassies, would not be subjected to the bile and hate.

      OK, their loss would only be in the short term, but as the seasons progressed they will not be missed.

      Justice has tio be done and they should never be allowed to kick a ball.


      • OZ CELT aka Davie bhoy says:

        Thanks joratim,that’s really encouraging feedback you’ve been getting from other fans and I hope it’s a continuing trend

        While I really dislike cheatco and everything they embody,when ( if ) they go I would miss the rivalry and the feeling you get when we beat them,that said I agree with you in time they will not be missed and our game will move on without them albeit with reduced revenues/income

        One governing body ( too many fat cats leaching off the clubs/fans ) and more even financial spread amoungst clubs would be a good start IMO

        BTW that’s great work your doing for people affected with asbestos,worlds a better place with people like you in it

  • pat says:

    The people who have bought shares in this new club must be crapping it as they will be losing a fortune with the share price having dropped by a third so far. When Craig Whyte finally gets ownership of his assets then the people who backed Green will out of pocket along with the club who will have to at the very least have to cover Craig Whytes Ticketus costs if they are to get Ibrox and Murray park back, leaving Whyte with the Car Park for himself.

    Now wasn’t this all a nice little earner!!

  • Posbhoy says:

    I have to say as much as I’m enjoying this I do have to disagree with fellow Tims calling for the SFA to act and withdraw membership, and the rush for them to act given promotion etc.

    I have to ask my fellow Tims what exactly has been legally proven? It seems to me that all we’re dealing with in respect of Chuckles’ disclosure to the SFA last year are allegations from Whyte. With claim and counter claim this all means its going one way…and probably Criminal as well as the Civil version.

    How then are the SFA to act until all this is absolutely clear, convictions confirmed (if appropriate) and ownership etc legally defined. Remember we all had them guilty and demanding sporting punishment for the BTC and yet essentially they won (for the moment & subject to appeal).

    I think we should lay off on our paranoia with the SFA /Ogilvy etc and consider how exactly the SFA are supposed to act whilst nothing has been proven.

    • paulybhoy says:

      Rangers fc admitted their guily on some of the ebts and were found guilty of cheating for eleven years nothing to see hear move along now please

    • mark says:

      Yeah your right they won the tax case and got fined 250,000 quid for being innocent…. that happens all the time once I got a speeding ticket took it to court won the appeal and got 3 pts and a 60 quid fine what a result HH

  • ArizonaBhoy says:

    It’s like the energizer bunny it keeps going and going and going LOL!!!!! This is some funny stuff ..

  • I am Celtic says:

    I think the time is right for us to get rid of the deadwood at the club. I would include Desmond and Lennon in this but i would keep Peter Lawell and give him a very big pay rise as he is a super guy who could do all their jobs better.

    • mark says:

      I nae bother Pedro lol HH

    • Sweeney Hughes says:

      And why isn’t he getting a first team place, especially since guys like Sammi and Commons are getting a game?

      Lennon playing his pals as usual!!!!

  • williebhoy says:

    Very much doubt that this was accidental…by giving such detailed info he was drawing attention upon himself and simply accelerating his exit along with Chico. Obviously pressure mounting and it’s time to escape before the brown stuff really hits the fan.

    Quite honestly this Sevco team is already living on borrowed time, we can safely discount them and instead expect to see yet another re-incarnation soon enough. Of much more importance is what is happening at Celtic, push right on..although I would consider keeping an eye on Lee Wallace as he might soon be able to walk away for nothing…he would offer good cover for Izzy / Matthews or allow either to push further forward.

  • JockyBhoy6@ says:

    As a Tim living in London, what’s happening at Ibrox is shocking !!! But what St Fergus done for us is folk-law and always Will be !!!!!! Everyone at Rangers laughed at Us Never again Hail Hail

  • northarmaghbhoy says:

    I am rangers is actually tommy the taxi driver,he has caught them before and he will do it again.Them scumbags are the most uneducated ppl that you will ever meet.I hope they drown a very slow and painfull death again but this time for good.

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