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Frantastic- Sandaza collects his pay off

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Francisco Sandaza newsFranny Sandaza has picked up a bumper pay-off from Rangers International- while Ally McCoist pleads with Craig Mather for more players.

The Spanish goal-ace was sacked in April after being duped into a conversation with a hoax football agent that was broadcast on the internet.

Ignoring all employment law Rangers International sacked Sandaza who took his appeal to the Scottish Football League.

Last night in a terse club statement the cash strapped Third Division champions admitted: “The Club can confirm tonight that we have reached a mutual agreement with Fran Sandaza to terminate his contract.”

Last summer Sandaza signed a lucrative four year deal with Sevco with his salary rising to £10,000 in it’s final season.

The exact details of the pay-off won’t be revealed but following on from Carlos Bocanegra and Dorin Goian the Spaniard becomes the third player in less than a month to be paid NOT to play by the club.

Sandaza was sacked at the start of a series of cost cutting measures which saw the club’s main physio, chief scout and reserve team coach also leave within a year of TUPE-ing their contracts over to the newco.

Earlier this week McCoist spoke in public about his wish to sign Kenny Miller but with seven players added and three paid off it’s believed that the Ibrox boss has been told to sell players before he can bring in any more newcomers.

Asked about a Miller deal McCoist explained: “I want to put the record straight on something. I have a squad that contains youngsters who have not yet earned the right to be called Rangers first-team members.

“I can rely on 18 or 19 experienced players. That’s not a criticism of anyone but in the meantime I have a budget that’s a fraction of the size it once was and I need to get in a striker who can complement Jon Daly by playing slightly behind him.

“I know who I want and I think he would be great for this club.”

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  • Mark says:

    ‘ goal ace ‘ oh how you jest joe, just another nail in the sevco coffin as the orcs panick as another million share are binned for a massive 42p a go, thought getting them at 75p a share was a bargin no wonder they went bust HH

  • mick says:

    magic no is mentobe35p a share could end I admin again

  • Mhatty says:

    Like Bocanegra, Goian and Sand dancer, I don’t play for sevco either. So when can I expect my pay off 🙂

    “Ye couldnae make it up”

    Hail Hail.

  • Big Mike says:

    Cheeky Charlie the clown eh, did you see me get rid o Sandaza boys! LOL!

  • jas says:

    Sleekit just disnae dae economics does he? the budget that was once at Sevco’s first incarnation was gained through cheating, now that you’ve been rumbled, you have to play within the rules, shit happens eh?

    Can anyone tell me why a squad with 25+ full time players is still short of numbers to play 9 other part time teams? Or is he planning for a tilt at the League and Scottish cups? feck, I hope we draw them in one of the cups, 7-1anyone?

  • mulsiebhoy says:

    Sorry Jas, have to disagree mate. As much as I’d love to see the bhoys leather the tribute act, the last thing I want is to give the cash strapped, busted flush of a club a massive payday…I dread to think of the possibility of them seeing Christmas! H x 2

  • Flamebhoy8 says:

    Tick Tock
    Tick Tock…sevco’s time is running oot!!

  • Mike Bhoyle says:

    Who is this team called “Rangers” than the Sleekit Whisperer refers to…?
    I know there USED to be a club called that…but they’ve been liquidated into oblivion…
    So what’s he on about..?

  • Mark says:

    2 teams sevco are playing in friendlys Newcastle and some Dutch team are calling them a new club and the orcs are going mental haha writing e-mails and that demanding they change the words lol the world knows the truth HH

  • O'Cahan says:

    Heard they tried to palm off Sandaza with shares, probably came to about 20 million f… me and it gets better… the Bay City Rollers ( also busted) are making a comeback. 🙂

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