Date: 21st November 2016 at 8:03am
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Henrik Larsson won’t be quitting Helsingborgs despite the shameful scenes that greeted their relegation to the second tier of Swedish football.

After drawing the first leg of their play-off 1-1 away to Halmstad it looked like Helsingborgs would stay up when Jordan Larsson scored in the 82nd minute of the home leg.

Disaster struck in the closing stages as Halmstad scored through an 87th minute penalty from Marcus Mathiesen who then struck a 90th minute winner.

That double blow proved to be too much for some Helsingborg fans who started throwing missiles onto the pitch.

When Henrik approached the ‘fans’ the scenes turned ugly as masked supporters attacked the former Celtic striker and also his son Jordan..

Larsson has been unable to transfer his playing success into coaching but speaking after the match he refused to quit as manager- vowing to honour and refusing to leave the city despite being attacked by masked fans.

Reporting his after match media conference HD.SE published.

Why you lose this game?

– Today I do not think we are smart enough. Once we have done 1-0 and then 1-1 when they do we go to so many changes that it is ridiculous really. We have to be smarter in those situations, especially when they are 1-1, we can not just steam ahead, but then we have to think about keeping the extension. Since not count away goals there. We are not smart enough simply says Henrik Larsson.

How do you feel about what happened afterwards?

– Yes, but, as I understand their frustration. That’s one reason why I myself went up also because I was angry, annoyed and frustrated and realized the gravity of what had happened. Maybe it was not the smartest thing to me, but at the same time. Done is done. Then we’ll see what happens here.

How do you think about that they go to your son, Jordan?

– I do not see it, and I had seen it, I would have probably been in there and vevat properly. Because they need to think a little bit. Eight or nine minutes earlier cheering them that he has done 1-0. But perhaps it is a bit too much to ask, too, he says, and continues:

– I think it’s important from Helsingborgs IF’s page here that we identify who has been on the field, and take hold of it. For they shall not come in here again, harder than it is not.

Larsson talk further.

– I know that I live and work in the city, and probably I will look over your shoulder once or twice. But I guess I’ll take, I’m 45 years old. One must make sure that you do not go too much alone only.

– Since I do not think it’s so brave of them to disguise themselves when they come down, and do what they do. I understand their frustration – I am both angry, sad and disappointed but somewhere you have to think a little further than their noses, too, he says.

What were you thinking when you went there?

– I just thought Helsingborgs IF does not serve that it will be a damn ruckus, we storms plan or whatever they had in the tank, but the best thing is to try to keep them there in the corner. I did not run away.They wanted to beat me so get them to turn on me, I had been beaten. But there are some of them who had also been beaten.

You mean that you will be afraid for your safety now?

– It is possible, I do not know. But that’s no problem, I have plenty of dogs at home.