Date: 10th February 2017 at 6:06pm
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Liverpool FC have applied a complete ban on The Sun from matches at Anfield and media conference at the club’s Melwood training centre.

The move comes after increased pressure from a variety of groups linked to the Hillsbrough tragedy.

Shortly after the disaster the newspaper achieved notoriety on Merseyside with a story titled The Truth which laid the blame for the tragedy on the Liverpool fans and made a number of horrendous accusations against supporters.

With Thatcherite views dominating at the time the report from The Sun provided proof of how barbaric the Scouse working class were and allowed generations of police officers and politicians to escape justice for their actions on the day.

Instantly The Sun became toxic in Liverpool.

As the families of the dead started to piece together what really happened on the day the story in The Sun came in for special attention.

Liverpool Football Club banned players and officials from speaking to the newspaper although general media facilities remained.

On April 15, 1992, the third anniversary of the tragedy the then Liverpool manager Graeme Souness picked up a massive cheque from his friends at The Sun for giving them the exclusive about requiring a triple heart by-pass.

Even after taking 23 years to retract ‘The Truth’ the newspaper was providing a column to Kelvin McKenzie who was the editor that published ‘The Truth’ and who has shown little sign of forgiveness in the intervening years.

After the inquest that finally cleared the Liverpool fans of causing the tragedy, pointing the blame at the police only two national newspapers didn’t make that development front page news. The Sun and The Times.

The Sun has issued a statement tonight reacting to the ban, Liverpool fans and millions of others will applaud the action of the club.

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