Date: 15th April 2017 at 9:33am
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It would have been unheard of twenty years ago but without doubt in 2017 Glasgow is green and white.

Maybe after certain city centre concerts there might have been a chant or two but folk would quickly move along or hush things up for concern over the opposition or ‘getting huckled’.

The young team of 2017 really do live in glorious times, they grew up as 10-in-a-row was ended, Martin O’Neill and Henrik Larsson brought them Seville then after a blip the good guys fought back and Hector delivered joys that generations of Celtic fans could never have imagined.

Celtic strips will be seen on kids in almost every street in the west of Scotland this weekend, the shackles are off and 6-in-a-row is being celebrated more widely and openly than the version in the early seventies.

And when the older generation are out, on a non-match day and someone shouts out a familiar phrase all of a sudden the entire taxi queue and anything else joins in as Sauchiehall Street bounces to Scotty Sinclair.

A mixed race guy from Bristol bringing joy to Celtic fans- Glasgow is Green and White.