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Barton giggles at getting pumped by Celtic

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Brendan Rodgers found Joey Barton is sheepish mode as he went head-to-head with the Celtic boss on TalkSPORT.

Last summer the former Burnley midfielder was shouting the odds and claiming that the Irishman was having a mid-life crisis and that he didn’t visit the tanning salons used by the hoops boss.

Rodgers didn’t respond to the gobby Scouser but ended his Ibrox career with a 5-1 hammering when Barton led Sevco to Ibrox last September.

After discussing some aspects of Saturday’s 2-0 win at Ibrox with Alan Brazil Barton decided to join the conversation although he opted not to introduce himself to the Celtic manager.

JB: “Brendan, do you think that, obviously you’ve got a good record over Rangers, certainly since you’ve been up there. Pumped me in the first game I played (he said giggling nervously), the first and only game that I played.

You go into the game thinking that you’ve got this side’s number, sometimes you play against sides that you think when push comes to shove that you’ve got their number.

BR: It’s a difficult one Joey, We’ve played seven times now and these are the types of games that you can never become complacent in. You go into them, especially with the atmosphere in both grounds, at the weekend it was very intense.

You go into the game knowing that if you play well and be aggressive with your defending you always have a chance to score goals. We never go into them just expect, that would be the moment that you slip up.”

After claiming that he was a far better player than Scott Brown Barton discovered the reality of life in Sevco’s 5-1 defeat at Celtic on 10 September 2016.

At a training session the following week he was sent home by Mark Warburton, after a couple of suspensions on full pay he had his two year contract paid off.

CLICK HERE to listen to the full interview.

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