Date: 12th September 2017 at 6:38am
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Stewart Regan has effectively accused Peter Lawwell of running with a conspiracy theory against the SFA.

The former Yorkshire Cricket chief had clearly been briefed over the weekend as he set out on a round of media interviews to justify the decision not to hold an independent review into the SFA over the last dozen years.

Conspiracy theory was one of the phrases for Regan to use as he attempted to deflect attention away from his own multiple failings.

For four years the Celtic shareholders behind Resolution 12 were accused of holding on to a conspiracy theory. Last week Regan confirmed that after taking advise from a QC the Rangers (IL) 2011 licence issue had been referred to the SFA Compliance Officer.

How many other conspiracy theories are waiting to be exposed?

In a Q and A published by the Daily Record rather than provide evidence Regan turned to the conspiracy theory reply after stating that an independent review was a one club issue

Q: So there’s no appetite in the game for a full review?

S.R: Other than one, we haven’t had a single member asking for this to be undertaken. The fact we have put in place such an independent process since 2011, including independent directors on our board, has significantly moved on the decision making since before I came to Scotland when it was old fashioned committees.

Q: Do you suspect we will never draw a line under this?

S.R: It would be really difficult to convince those who believe in conspiracies there isn’t a conspiracy at play. My pushback to them is do we really think that four QCs, three law lords, all the club execs, all the independent panel members are all part of some huge conspiracy? We have spent too long looking through the rear view mirror and we’ve failed to look at the road ahead.

We have to be able to move on. We won’t get closure in the eyes of some parts of Scottish football – some fans, some stakeholders, won’t ever get closure.

This will be one of those topics that will be talked about for years to come. There isn’t a right or a wrong answer. It’s a judgment call and a group of guys around the boardroom table with independent legal scrutiny have come to the conclusion this is where we draw a line.

Almost all of the documentation needed to sink Regan and his SFA friends is available through social media. The more that he denies it the more unemployable he becomes.