Date: 13th November 2017 at 12:05pm
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Mark Daly has played the anonymous card to defend his decision not to look into Sevco’s offshore funding.

Highly respected twitter account Barcabhoy enjoyed 67,000 interactions when he put some information on a plate for Daly and BBC Scotland colleague Kenny Mac.

As Sevco head towards the football mortuary alongside Rangers it seems that BBC Scotland are highly reluctant to look into the financing of the club.

Nine days after accounts revealed that Sevco had managed a loss of £6.7m on a £29.2m turnover there has been no comment from the state broadcaster other than publishing an agency report that the accounts had been published.

Daly will have benefited greatly in his career from anonymous information, a quick check through the Barcabhoy account will reveal that he is a bit smarter than the average internet bampot.

While the Sevco accounts are bodyswerved, Michael Ball’s plea is ignored and the Offshore Game is ignored it seems that Swiss tax affairs are fair game to the state broadcaster.

That attitude falls in line with editorial policy to pull coverage of Day Two of Dave King’s appeal to the Court of Session on his concert party ruling.

While Daly and BBC Scotland look the other way Sevco are following the Rangers liquidation template or financial meltdown as some would rather describe the death of a football club.