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King paralyses Sevco

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have been paralysed by the Court of Session.

A month ago was telling the CoS that he was penniless while Campbell Dallas were promising shareholders that the South African based criminal was about to loan the club £4m from New Oasis Asset Limited.

Unfortunately for King the dismissal of has come at the worst possible time adding to the catalogue of payments due this month.

The fifth best coach in is unlikely to be a priority payment with the support growing impatient for the appointment of a new manager.

All of the messengers have been bigging up the job and the ‘imminent’ arrival of Derek McInnes but even won’t present the club from with a new management team without compensation.

Until the Court of Session give their verdict on the ruling are stuck in limbo.

If as expected the CoS rule in favour of the TAB, King has to stump up £11m to fund a takeover, the sort of sum that he has been dragging his feet over for almost two years.

The penniless plea isn’t likely to harness much sympathy, if a new management team is rolled out alongside a new loan of £4m then the penniless claim is likely to land King and his QC with an additional charge.

In the meantime the clock ticks on through November, the bills are stacking up and the days without a manager are turning into weeks.

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