Date: 18th May 2018 at 6:33am
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Shamed MSP John Mason is a member of Holyrood’s cross party group on disability!

Mason came to the fore this week when he suggested that a disabled Celtic fan starts supporting another club rather than ban on street parking around Celtic ParK.

Part of the remit for the Disabled group is to:

To provide opportunities for Members of the Scottish Parliament to learn about needs of disabled people and the barriers individuals face excluding them from performing an active role within society.

Despite all of their media training and safety first attitude there are times when politicians just can’t help themselves.

Whether Mason has a problem with Celtic supporters or disabled people, perhaps both, only he will know but thanks to social media thousands of people, including many constituents of the SNP politician know his true feelings.

Today readers of The Sun and Daily Record can also find out about the views of the MSP for Shettleston.

Defending his position in The Sun Mason added a new prejudice- people with expensive cars. He said: ““The parking problem is not caused by disabled fans. It is caused by perfectly able-bodied fans (often with very expensive cars!) wanting to park as close as possible to Celtic Park (and I think the other major stadia in the City) with no regard for residents.”

The issue of parking around Celtic Park has almost become secondary as the out of touch thoughts of the area’s Holyrood representative becomes public.

Restricting parking in an area reaching one mile from the stadium is being ‘driven’ by Glasgow City Council against the employer that has done more for the area than decades worth of councillors have managed.

The improvements in and around Celtic Park has put the area on the map with the addition of a quality hotel contrasting sharply with the efforts of the city authorities.

Whether the SNP decide to retain Mason as a candidate remains to be seen but after coming in under the radar much more will be known about the ‘Clyde’ supporter the next time people go to the ballot box.

CLICK HERE for details of Holyrood cross party group on disability.