Date: 9th September 2018 at 7:10pm
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One young video producer has put the mainstream broadcasters to shame with a fantastic documentary of last week’s Glasgow derby.

While Sky Sports and BBC Scotland spend fortunes on their glossy productions involving predictable pundits got under the skin of the fixture to produce a compelling 23 minutes of footage.

The young lady from Bolton is a football fanatic who has managed to knit together some brilliant social media interviews with the standard presentations put out to produce a documentary that will interest football fans worldwide.

Pegg was drawn to the fixture by the stereotype image put out and decided to scrape below it to see what really goes on 200 miles up the road from her home.

After studying the subject, skype calling Celtic supporters in Argentina and the United States she puts together a compelling picture of the match and captures the anticipation ahead of last week’s match before reflecting on the experience and cramming everything into 23 minutes.

Whether BBC, Sky Sports or BT Sport decides to employ Pegg and bring reality to their screens remains to be seen- if the SFA, SPFL or anyone else wishes to project the Scottish game one of the answers is lurking down the M74/M6.