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Sutton’s confession: I’ve no idea what Brendan is thinking!

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Chris Sutton has summed up the media frenzy over Brendan Rodgers.

Every week the Celtic boss is linked with a move elsewhere, expresses how happy he is in Glasgow as the vacancy elsewhere is filled in. See Aston Villa.

Since Rodgers arrived at Celtic in May 2016 he has been fending off reports, rumours and wishful thinking that he was about to move elsewhere. Ronny Deila never had the same problem.

The EPL sacking season has still to get underway, in the absence of real vacancies speculation has gone into overdrive in Scotland while in England they have concentrated on real playing matters.

Summing things up in the Daily Record Sutton admits:

My own gut feeling is he wants a change but I can’t say I’ve a definitive idea of what Rodgers is thinking.

Going to manage a middling team in England holds little appeal to Rodgers, success is staying up in the EPL whatever it takes with the casualty rate high.

Most doors to the top six clubs are closed- he won’t be going to Liverpool or Manchester United at any stage, foreign managers are routinely given the top jobs.

The Championship, no matter the potential of teams like Aston Villa is a step down to a gruelling 46 match league programme.

In comparison the Celtic job is attractive and well paid, after a decade in management Rodgers is very well off.

At some stage he will leave Celtic, something different, something Spanish would appeal, especially if Real Mallorca can get their act together.

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