Date: 11th December 2018 at 6:47pm
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BBC reporter Jane Lewis has jumped to the defence of after footage emerged of his After Dinner routine.

To howls of approval at a dinner in Dunfermline the former referee relived how he ignored a brutal foul on John Hartson because the striker had won an appeal against a red card issued by Clark.

At the same event he made a joke aimed at the sexuality of Justin Fashanu.

As well as his After Dinner sideline Clark works with the SFA are a Referee Observer where he assesses and coaches current match officials.

Last night Clark appeared on BBC Scotland’ Sportsound programme in a bid to defend who are under the spotlight after a spate of honest mistakes.

went through a detailed list of baffling incidents over the last ten days that Clark attempted to avoid discussing by referring to matters in general terms.

CLICK HERE to view Clark’ After Dinner confessions about cheating