Date: 12th January 2019 at 9:05am
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As they start their 150th year of paying full income tax and national insurance Kilmarnock fans could perhaps look forward to some warming positive news from their record all-time goal scorer.

Reflection on picking up more points than anyone else during the calendar year of 2018 and Steve Clarke’s incredible record for moulding out a team that out performers much bigger spenders.

Perhaps some reassurance that a replacement can be found for Greg Stewart who has returned to Birmingham or reassurance that Jordan Jones is fully committed to winning the title despite signing a pre-contract deal to move elsewhere.

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Nope, not a bit of it, given the platform of the countries biggest selling newspaper has only one thing in his mind. Selik and the broken dressing room.

This week’s rant is a little different from the usual fare as he responds to the ‘chilling death threats that have sent John Beaton and his family loved ones into 24 hour round-the clock police protection’.

Strangely no one has been arrested for sending the ‘death threats’ to Beaton despite 14 days passing since he was whooping it up in The Crown Bar in Bellshill.

Boyd has swallowed that story in full and has fully subscribed to the referee’s strike- basically based on a request from Celtic for John Beaton’s match report from Ibrox to be published.

In The Sun Boydy explains: “ One hundred per cent I would back a strike.

To be getting death threats from clowns with half a brain is simply not acceptable. Talk of conspiracy theories from people who should know better doesn’t help either.

To think officials would go out to try and influence the result of any game is preposterous.

Getting into his stride he adds: “It is also time for clubs to take more responsibility when putting out statements slating refs. Putting their name to it would be a start.

“Celtic’s criticism of John Beaton was embarrassing. This was classic diversionary tactics. Rangers also have previous this season when they went to town on Willie Collum.

“Interestingly Steven Gerrard was quick to distance himself from that particular club statement.

“As the fallout from the last Old Firm game continues, I look forward to reading the Celtic statement slagging off the manager’s team selection and the players’ performances.

“Far too many clubs, managers and players use referees as a get-out following a bad result.

“They do it knowing fine well the fans will jump all over it and social media will go into meltdown. The bottom line is that Rangers battered Celtic for the first time in 13 league meetings. Deal with it.

“I’m sure in those previous 12 games then there were plenty of incidents missed by the officials. I don’t recall any statements about them.”

Despite being a media expert and mind reader Boyd didn’t go into detail about the timing of the ‘death threats’ story or Beaton’s choice of pub to celebrate his £1,000 match fee for 90 minutes in his part-time job.