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A very strange few days at The Sun as they publish the full list of 276 Ibrox creditors

Image for A very strange few days at The Sun as they publish the full list of 276 Ibrox creditors

The Sun has had a strange couple of days on the back of their News International colleagues going to town with the Fake News over the HMRC Tax error.

Normally a publication within the same group could be relied on to provide support and back-up, if they have doubts about the story and its source, they would quietly body swerve the issue.

Unexpectedly The Sun has provided real, well sourced opposition to the ridiculous notion that five years after Rangers entered liquidation it had all been caused by a mistake from HMRC.

Within 24 hours of the story surfacing The Sun produced a brilliant Q and A featuring 18 key questions that had surfaced during the day including the ridiculous notion that a completely different company were in line for a £50m compensation pay-out on tax that another company never paid.

On Friday the same publisher reacted with some glee when, firstly HMRC tweeted that there was no miscalculation then later on their chief exec Jim Harra went into detail about how The Times were guilty of inaccurate and partial reporting.

The information published by The Sun is freely available online with most internet bampots familiar with the detail. Penalties have been dropped from the bill because the club is in liquidation with no prospect of HMRC getting a return while BDO are well into their eight year of lucrative fees.

The main issue however is that The Sun are taking this story to a large number of readers who have been gently fed the notion that some hostile group of Sellik fanatics carefully planned the death of Rangers rather than the greed and stupidity of directors fuelled on the superiority complex of the supporters.

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Bringing further balance to the story The Sun has also published the full list of 276 creditors left high and dry by the 2012 liquidation.

HMRC, Ticketus and around 7,000 Debenture holders were the main losers but in among the list you’ll find Celtic, Dunfermline, Dundee United, Manchester City, Arsenal, Thomas Cook Sport, Glasgow City Council, Strathclyde Police and dozens of individuals and businesses large and small.

The Sun may have strong principled views on the matter, or there may be a little jealousy over the staffing and funding levels given to their stable-mate that has one tenth of the circulation of Scotland’s best selling newspaper.

CLICK HERE for the list of 276 creditors.

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