Date: 17th November 2019 at 7:41pm
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After a relatively quiet period, Rangers Tax Case has been raised from his slumbers on the back of the Fake News published on Thursday in The Times.

It wasn’t too difficult to demolish the story, anyone with a grasp of the timeline knew that the clubs’ refusal to pay HMRC Income Tax and National insurance deductions forced administration in February 2012 followed by liquidation four months later.

The so-called ‘HMRC tax error’ first surfaced in 2017- FIVE years later- when The Supreme Court ruled that that a decade long scam at the club was disguised remuneration liable to Income Tax and National Insurance.

That was fairly routine for RTC to go through but trawling through the Captains of Industry that contribute to Follow Follow he discovered one supporter with a grasp on the issue with the culprit easily identified as Dave Murray.

Had any of the club directors questioned Murray in the manner that Hugh Adam had a decade earlier the club may have survived. Survived but watched Celtic compete and likely succeed with the two clubs operating on the same tax basis.

Not a single dissenting voice was ever raised to Murray. As the internet bampots uncovered some details of the brewing tax case the letters E, B and T became notorious.

Almost a decade later criticism of Murray appears embargoed across the Scottish media, for a decade he provided constant domestic success, for another decade he traded trophies with Celtic as the club over-stretched, ultimately putting the them on the road to liquidation.

Most bizarrely of all the new club at Ibrox appears to be repeating the errors of the recent past. Any notion of running a sustainable club, clearly the second biggest in Scotland has again been cast aside with a whatever it takes attitude to stopping Sellik.

In 2012 it was with-holding Income Tax and National Insurance that killed a club, this time around it will be a bloated wage bill paying incredible sums to their management team and fading stars picking up EPL style wages.