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Ibrox club fined £7,800 by FIFA

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The club from Ibrox has been fined £7,800 by FIFA over the transfer of Billy Gilmour to Chelsea.

The midfield starlet couldn’t wait to get out of Ibrox with a deal agreed with Chelsea short of his 16th birthday.

FIFA have cracked down on Chelsea over their worldwide scouting programme which is aimed at ensuring players develop in their own country until they are old enough to sign a professional contract. A two window transfer ban has been imposed.

Now it appears that Dave King struck an early deal with Chelsea to allow the starlet to move south as soon as it was legal and above board.

Picking up the story The Sun reports:

But in May of that year the two clubs signed an agreement that the Ibrox outfit could not sell or loan Gilmour to any other club without Chelsea’s consent and that he should also be released to train with Chelsea and play in friendly matches at any time they wanted him.

Rangers were fined £7,800, with Dutch club Ajax fined the same amount for entering a similar arrangement with Chelsea over Juan Carlos Familia Castillo, now back in Amsterdam on loan. But both cases were included as part of the findings that led to Chelsea’s appeal against the transfer ban being dismissed.

Fifa’s appeals committee, headed by former Swedish Justice Minister Thomas Bodstrom, upheld a total of 150 alleged breaches involving 71 minors.

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Gilmour has been tipped as a future Balloon D’or winner.

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