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Nicholas shoots down King claims with Edouard’s £50m value!

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Charlie Nicholas has trashed the Alfredo Morelos transfer talk and told Dave King that his only asset is worth less than Odsonne Edouard.

The frenzy to sell Morelos has gone into overdrive since the South African based tax convict told the media after the company AGM that they wouldn’t accept a bid of £40m for the striker.

Last week Gerrard added £10m to that figure while those in the real world appreciate that Edouard is a far better prospect with his international pedigree and goal tally for Celtic.

In May Edouard scored twice to give Celtic the Treble Treble against Hearts with vital goals scored in Ibrox derby victories in March 2018 and September this year.

Morelos has nothing to compare with that or Edouard’s medal collection with The Sun picking up on Nicholas’ views:

Writing in his Daily Express column, the former Hoops star said: “Rangers can dream up whatever number they like for Alfredo Morelos. Dave King has said he wouldn’t sell him for £40m in January.

“Well, if Morelos is worth that then Celtic must be thinking Odsonne Edouard is worth £50m. We can all come up with numbers but unless a club is genuinely interested and comes up with a realistic bid then it means nothing.

“The bottom line is that Gers are not going to get anyone to bid anywhere near that. It would need to be a team that is really, really desperate.

“Morelos has been linked with the likes of Crystal Palace and Aston Villa but they won’t spend more than £25m for a centre-forward. A lot of clubs are tightening the reins financially and you are not seeing the same level of spending. Yes, Rangers can point to Morelos’ goals.

“He has done well domestically outside of the Celtic games and he has scored goals in Europe, but it has been in the Europa League, not the Champions League.

As a non-EU citizen that has yet to play in a competitive international it’s unlikely that Morelos would get a work permit to play in England.

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