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UEFA set June deadline to disappoint the ‘null and void’ lobby

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UEFA have proposed that member associations target June 30 to complete their domestic fixtures.

The European Championships have been put back till June 2021 with the dates set aside in June now available for domestic fixtures.

With the spread of Coronavirus unprecedented, governments are operating day to day as disruption spreads with many UEFA nations now in lockdown.

Celtic appear in control of the 2019/20 SPFL title with a 13 point lead but yesterday Ibrox chief Stewart Robertson warned that nothing could be awarded until the 38 matches have been completed. Others through the media have been looking for this season’s campaign to be declared null and void.

The start of the transfer window and timetable for next season’s Champions League and Europa League has put added pressure on UEFA who will monitor the situation closely.

Today’s UEFA stated:

A working group has been set up with the participation of leagues and club representatives to examine calendar solutions that would allow for the completion of the current season and any other consequence of the decisions made today.

The best case scenario seems to be that the impact of the virus is reduced during April allowing football to return in May to clear the backlog by the end of June.

Today’s development adds to the uncertainty in the Scottish games with half of the clubs without a home match since March 7.

With no more gate money they will look to the SPFL to bring forward their April pay-out but as of yet there seems to be a long way to go before the impact of the virus begins to get reduced.

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