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Report claims that Celtic set up expert team for emergency plans

Image for Report claims that Celtic set up expert team for emergency plans

are putting together a team of experts to examine every aspect of the suspension of football.

After six weekends without football there are suggestions around that it might be another six months before competitive football returns. The reality is that at this moment it is all guesswork with no right or wrong answers.

have the biggest of everything in Scotland, from income to running costs and wage bill.

Selling players, sales and participation in European competitions are the bedrocks of the business but none of those factors can be forecast with any certainty for the remainder of this year.

Spreadsheet modelling is now essential as all sorts of variables are examined as different scenarios are ran through to see what the sport might look like whenever it resumes.

The Daily Record reports:

It’s expected that  will engage with a team experts this week in order to work out a raft of emergency contingency plans in the event that Parkhead – along with and grounds around the country – has to remain closed to fans even after the nation wide lock-down has been relaxed.

And ’s football authorities are also set to call for talks with Holyrood as they attempt to put safety plans in place for the game’s return.

The move comes after the Department for Culture, Media and Sport revealed a five point plan for the re-introduction of major sporting events. Those proposals begin with playing all games behind closed doors in completely sterile environments.

Yesterday announced that their players have agreed to no pay for the next four months, at the start of this season they were able to attract on loan from United.

According to calciomercato have 12 players earning more than 2 million euros a year. aren’t close to that sort of wage level but when income slows to a trickle all clubs face similar issues.

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