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Absolutely unacceptable- Michael Stewart slams Ibrox club over dossier ‘delay’

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Michael Stewart has slammed the ‘delay’ in publication of the Ibrox dossier exposing bullying and coercion at the heart of the SPFL.

On April 11, soon after Scot Gardiner shared details of his WhatsApp chats with listeners to BBC Sportsound, Douglas Park called for the suspensions of Neil Doncaster and Rod McKenzie.

Every Saturday afternoon since the state broadcaster has acted as a focal point for demands that the SPFL hold an independent investigation with Stewart the only voice questioning what evidence there was that merited two high level suspensions.

At a meeting of Premiership clubs on Friday Stewart Robertson promised the dossier within a week as the clock ticks towards a vote at the SPFL EGM on May 12.

On Sunday The Sun revealed that the dossier would be issued to clubs on Tuesday but at midnight The Times revealed a 48 hour delay.

There has been no official comment from Ibrox today but the silence of the cheer-leaders and lack of leaks suggests that a fresh excuse will be made on Thursday to explain another delay.

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