Date: 22nd May 2020 at 6:30pm
Written by:

Alex Rae appears to have achieved the possible- outdoing Derek Johnstone at cheerleading.

For decades big DJ gave his unswerving support to whatever regime was in power at Ibrox, sharing his wisdom with listeners to Radio Clyde and readers of the Evening Times.

Every moonbeam was passed on with top spin with good times just around the corner as the financial hole got bigger and bigger but Craig Whyte arrived on the scene to save the day. Or so he thought.

Johnstone made a sharp and unexplained exit from Radio Clyde at the start of this season, since then Rae has stepped up to the mark with full pom-poms as he cheered on every move by Steven Gerrard on the park alongside the financial gymnastics of Dougie Park and Dave King up until he walked away to South Africa.

Before Christmas Rae revealed that fresh investment was in the pipeline in time for the January transfer window. Gerrard brought in two loan stars as Celtic ran away with the SPFL to make it nine-in-a-row.

Now Rae is banging the drum for the so-called £10m investment revealed by Park in an in-house Q and A with himself!

No documentation has been published, Club 1872 haven’t been informed of further dilution of their shares but according to Rae all is well in the garden, but not the Memorial Garden.

Rae has still to comment on the low key sale of the Albion Car Park to Merchant Homes.