Date: 18th May 2020 at 8:01am
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The Herald’s army of readers are waking up to a feel-good story this morning while the publishers Twitter account takes a pounding- a 25m pounding.

Sunday’s 7.30am kit deal announcement was quickly taken apart with none of the jigsaw pieces fitting together to anyone other than the most loyal of the Gullibles.

According to the yarn a five-year-old company in Liverpool run by two ambitious brothers are about to take on the kit supply and merchandising deal for the most successful club in the world.

The traditional giants of the industry, based in the USA and Germany have met their match with in two plucky lads that have yet to be involved in a football contract. If you fancy a £160 hoodie or top of the range golf shirt they are apparently the go-to guys.

They have also discovered digital marketing and sales which also puts them out in front of their rivals. Strangely in the pictures used in The Herald and Glasgow Times the Beahon brothers can be seen wearing footwear from Adidas and Nike.

Despite the lessons of Craig Whyte, Charles Green and other Ibrox saviours over the last decade it seems that the Herald hasn’t asked too many questions about the incredible rise of Castore. Mention of billionaire backers sounds rather ominous, and familiar.

In the current climate there are very few signs of expansion among companies throughout the UK, most firms that are five years old with less than 20 employees will be pouring over their spreadsheets to see how long they can remain active.

Retaining staff and life post Furlough seems to be the priority but lo and behold the Beahon Brothers have discovered £25m to invest in a club that is still involved in costly legal battles with Sports Direct and Hummel/Elite.

It is unlikely that the top-of-the-range Castore Ibrox kit will be available in any of big Mikey’s shops anytime this year.