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Tom English leads the late night Ibrox squirrel hunt

Image for Tom English leads the late night Ibrox squirrel hunt

Late on Friday night, a time when the usual suspects are usually off duty, they all stumbled across a scrap of information to highlight in the complete absence of anything other than WhatsApp messages from Inverness.

Strangely Ibrox message-boards and leading social media accounts all uncovered the latest SPFL scandal at around the same time.

Born again anti-corruption campaigner Tom English was at the fore front, almost as if a mystery network had been alerted. He quickly mustered his high horse, called into action.

Tom and others followed a very similar line and made a very similar mistake.

There is a world of difference between a loan and an advance. Just as there is no connection between LIQUIDATION and financial meltdown or the other comforting euphemism used to explain 2012.

Friday afternoon’s conference call of SPFL Premiership clubs had promised some detail on the much anticipated Ibrox dossier. Nothing surfaced.

The broadcasters and others that have all follow followed a similar scent on the non-story haven’t had a sniff of its contents.

Since Douglas Park raged about the evidence of his whistle-blower nothing new has come to light.

Last night’s non-story is typical. Anything at all is being used to smear the other 41 clubs while at Ibrox their interim accounts for the half year to 31 December 2019 remain closely guarded.

Unlike the SFA, UEFA operates Financial Fair Play. UEFA are well aware of the accountancy gymnastics employed at Ibrox. The SFA are well aware that UEFA is well aware.

Rather than shine a torch on that issue the usual suspects jumped on a non-issue last night.

When the inevitable happens at Ibrox once again there will be shock, sadness and tears as they trot out the ‘Ah but naebdy tell us’ line.

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