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Celtic announce surprise u-turn but stay quiet on ‘additional value’

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At 8am this morning Celtic’s website announced that the club was extending its Season Ticket deadline by another week.

Throughout June the clock has been ticking down towards the 30th with a relentless campaign reminding fans of the urgency to renew.

A Virtual Season Ticket will be issued to everyone that pays up but there has been no detail on the added value just as there is nothing in concrete on when supporters will be able to attend matches.

This morning the club announced:

SEASON Ticket holders are being given one extra week to secure their place for the 2020/21 campaign, with the Season Ticket renewal deadline extended until 5pm on Tuesday, July 7.

This deadline has been extended to give supporters a final chance to secure their Season Ticket, as Neil Lennon and his men set out to create history as they go for 10 in-a-row!

After 5pm on Tuesday, July 7, supporters will no longer be guaranteed their Season Ticket for the campaign ahead. Following this extended deadline we will begin the process of offering places to supporters on the Season Ticket Waiting List.

The timeline for the announcement seems strange, the decision is likely to have been made at some stage on Friday, whoever decided that 8am Sunday was most appropriate will have their reasons for that timing.

Across social media the club has been criticised for their ‘big stick’ approach to the issue. Goodwill is best when it is two-way.

Many fans have gone the extra mile to renew their Season Ticket, others are holding out trying to justify the decision when it could be a few months before they get to attend a match. No one knows when Celtic Park will next be full to capacity. Perhaps as many as 20% of fans live more than 50 miles from Glasgow.

If the club were to come up with some detail on ‘additional value’ they could see an upsurge in renewals. A 50% discount on Adidas kit upto £100 from club shops and providing a match credit for 2020/21 for all matches played Behind Closed Doors would go a long way towards recreating Goodwill.

Does the club have the imagination to show their hand on Goodwill and additional value?

CLICK HERE for the June 8 statement on additional value

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