Date: 30th June 2020 at 9:25pm
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Celtic launched their new retail deal with by aiming a comment straight across the city in tonight’s retail statement.

JD’s relationship with has helped the high-street retailer grow to over 700 stores across 19 countries. Now they will be joining forces with the most decorated club in as part of its continued expansion of its football portfolio.

The claim of the most successful club in Scotland, nee the world, is one cherished by those at Ibrox. By using the word decorated rather than successful Celtic are pitching into an area that has never before been contested.

Celtic have kept quiet as a club about the various historical claims in Scotland however with nine successive titles picked up as well as a clean of the last 11 domestic honours the youngest generation of have only ever known a decade of near dominance for the club in ’s east end.

Celtic’s new retail contract with JD hives them  strong presence on the high street as well as through various digital channels. JD and dominate the high street with both companies virtually crushing local sports suppliers with their mass marketing and economies of scale.

Celtic will now have a prominent place in 700 JD stores across 19 countries as well as the muscle of Adidas and the club’s in-house retail and online operations to sell three sets of strips, goalkeeping kit and a vast array of trainingwear.