Date: 14th January 2021 at 7:52am
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It was billed as ‘A message to our supporters’ but Peter Lawwell took time out to address what Gerry McCulloch claimed was accusations from the media of arrogance, lack of morals, integrity, almost questioning the club’s values.

Why he felt that these issues were raised by the media is difficult to put together, those claims are at the core of concerns from supporters among many others.

The disconnect between supporters and the people in charge of the club has been gaining momentum over the years. A number of issues have been involved with the meek acceptance of incredible refereeing decisions an obvious example.

It seems that issuing a statement about their concerns or disappointment about Steven McLean or John Beaton with no follow up is the extent of the club’s interest.

The disconnect between fans and the club reached a peak when a source close to Dermot Desmond told Keith Jackson of the Daily Record about the enormous sense of entitlement among Celtic supporters. Jackson and the Record remain among those invited into Zoom media conferences and attending matches.

Turning an issue from fans into a media concern seemed a strange form of questioning, after 2 minutes 30 seconds McCulloch put the morals question to the CEO:

I certainly don’t see that or agree with that and I actually think that’s unfair. I do understand people questioning the decision to go, but the values this club operates and standards we have in terms of integrity, respect and humility are there.

The traditions and standards and values of the club have been developed over the years and we haven’t compromised on them.

And looking at the pandemic I think it’s fair to say we have done and awful lot as a club, and I think the attitude that we have had as a club has been responsible, in terms of our record, in terms of how we have been protecting our people, the players and how we have really been at the forefront of getting Scottish football back to playing, and training and playing.