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Premiership boss backs Neil Lennon’s claim over Social Distancing

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Derek McInnes has echoed Neil Lennon’s concerns about protocols.

On Monday the boss delivered two angry media conferences on the back of 13 players having to self isolate based on Social Distancing protocols.

Lennon highlighted how coach travel for recent matches had involved three players on a 52-seater coach.

During his conference Lennon mentioned St Johnstone and which brought media attention to both of those clubs who responded with statements that their changing room facilities met with protocols.

That missed the point with Lennon highlighting how the distancing at those grounds differed from ’s travel issues with McInnes admitting that there are irregularities.

Speaking to The Sun, the boss said:

We know it is a challenge for clubs to try to provide the best they can and obviously the space is the biggest issue and there are clubs that do it better than others.

I have expressed my concerns, not publicly and I am not going to criticise any club here. But I have made my concerns known to people at my own club and delegates at a couple of away grounds that we have been to, where it is inadequate, where, if we had a positive test, then we would be in real danger of wiping out the majority of the team and squad.

Last night the SPFL contacted clubs to check up on protocols relating to Social Distancing which came on the back of criticising Lennon’s comments.

At a number of grounds including Motherwell and clubs have had to construct new changing room facilities for visitors.

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