Date: 4th May 2021 at 9:37pm
Written by:

Douglas Ross turned in another shocking performance tonight as staged the final Leaders Debate before the country goes to the polls on Thursday.

Compared to street fighter Ruth Davidson the linesman is a wet-wipe with his performances being taken apart by fellow leaders and voters on .

Highlight of the night came when Anas Sarwar responded to another contrived Ross announcement by telling him that he is the gift to the , sadly the cameras didn’t pick up on his reaction to that quote.

Most of Scotland only knew Ross as an overweight assistant referee until the election campaign got underway.

With an almost daily diet of his dull-as-dishwater comments and announcements it is clear that he is equally out of his depth in politics as he is with football.

At the weekend with a poor showing for the Tories expected Ross will have the consolation of his meal ticket to turn to topped up by lucrative appointments from the SFA in the Glasgow area.