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Aamer Anwar questions Police over facilitating anti-Irish march

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Aamer Anwar has questioned why Police Scotland facilitated and escorted an Anti-Irish march through Glasgow city centre.

Around 1,000 Ibrox Ultras took to the streets in mid-morning from Argyle Street. Singing the outlawed Famine Song, celebrating and mocking the deaths of over 1,000,000 Irish men, woman and children. Traffic was stopped to allow the mob to march uncontested.

The video clip above shows the Ultras marching through what is known as the Hielanman’s Umbrella underneath Central Station on route to Ibrox.

It appears that anything goes when it comes to Ibrox fans, in May around 15,000 broke Lockdown to cause carnage in the city centre with less than 100 arrests reported despite extensive CCTV and social media coverage.

At 7.30pm on Sunday no political party leader had commented or condemned the actions in Scotland’s largest city.

Anwar is the most high profile civil rights lawyer in Scotland, earlier this year he represented Glen Kamara in an alleged case of racism against the midfielder.

CLICK HERE for Anwar’s website.

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