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Steve C, Stevie G and the Union Bears

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With racism proving topical again in Scottish football an interview with Steve Clarke from 2019 has resurfaced.

In it an emotional Kilmarnock manager speaks out about the anti-Catholic abuse he had suffered during a Scottish Cup tie at Ibrox.

Clarke’s comments reached a UK-wide audience, Sky Sports and TalkSPORT showed interest for a couple of days. In Scotland it was quickly filed under sectarian, a few folk condemned it, some MSPs tweeted their concern and things settled down, returning to their normal levels.

At their next match at Hamilton the Union Bears displayed a sarcastic message aimed at Clarke.

On Saturday a Capo in the Union Bears decided to put away his megaphone. In recognition of his efforts Steven Gerrard posed for a picture with the Union Bears then with the departing Capo outside the tunnel at Ibrox.

In season 2019/20 UEFA twice closed part of Ibrox for Europa League ties in response to racist songs during matches.

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  • Kyogos Dream Team says:

    Gimps as Thik as F uk, pandering tae the Union P ussies!! The Fact he took the job in the 1st place tells u EVERYTHING about his SCOUCE NED MENTALITY! As fur the FILTH cleaning up their act mare chance ae Scotland winning the World Cup lol! Without their BITTER HATRED OF ALL BAR KNUCKODRAGGIN SCUM they have NUTHING, NADA, ZILCHO… ITS WHAT THEY HAVE & ALWAYS WILL EXIST ON!!

  • Cairncross says:

    I wonder what his family think of all the anti catholic racism. It obviously does not bother him, but I bet it bothers the rest.

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