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See It, Smell it- Continuing deflection tactics make Lennon unemployable

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Neil Lennon has launched another attack on Celtic’s 9-in-a-row squad while he attempts to find a way back into management.

In May 2020 Celtic were crowned champions but it seems that in the middle of Lockdown that players were lining up to move elsewhere.

Lennon was in regular contact with his players during March, April and May, they returned for pre-season training in June, moved on to Loughborough and France to step up their preparations but according to their manager there seemed to be a mutiny on board at some stage.

In his latest media outburst, Lennon told The Sun:

We’d won nine titles in a row — four Trebles — and some players just got to the end of the road. You could see it pre-season, the body language, they weren’t with us. You could smell it.

Some players were, I wouldn’t say feigning injury, but they could have played and didn’t. This eats into the dressing room.

You’ve got great pros like Scott Brown and Callum McGregor, unbelievably successful, being dragged down by guys who don’t want to be there.

If Lennon could see and smell it, it seems incredible that he didn’t take any action to make changes.

After losing at home to Ferencvaros in a Champions League qualifier the blame was put on the players rather than the manager or tactics. With more than a month to go in the transfer window no players were moved on but Shane Duffy and Diego Laxalt were brought into the dressing room on EPL and Serie A wages.

Since the end of last season Lennon has made a number of media appearances to blame everyone but himself for the disastrous season that he presided over.

Leigh Griffiths was highlighted for personal criticism yet Lennon appeared to be trying to nurse him back into the side. A year ago he came off the bench to open the scoring in the 90th minute away to St Johnstone, in December he came on as a substitute to score against Hearts in the Scottish Cup Final then netted again in the penalty shoot-out.

Keeping quiet on what happened, or didn’t happen could have earned Lennon a little sympathy and respect but living in denial about his own failings isn’t going to do him any favours trying to get a new club.

At Celtic in 2014, Bolton and Hibs there were question marks over the reasons for Lennon’s departure from those jobs.

Lockdown and other factors could have been contributing factors for meltdown last season but constantly blaming the players is likely to leave Lennon in television studios from Glasgow to Israel sharing his views while clubs’ body-swerve his job applications.

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  • Bigmick says:

    I’m certainly no Lennon fan, but i can’t agree that what he said is ‘deflection’…it simply a fact.
    We ALL could see and smell it from the off last season…week in, week out, on the pitch, so what Lennon saw and heard behind closed doors, nobody knows. He definitely made some horrific decisions and mistakes himself, and I’m sure he knows it.
    In time we’ll hear about that side of things.

  • Peter cassidy says:

    The problem lennon had last year he did have have players taking the pi$$ who wanted a move any good manager would have punted them ASAP but lennon was a yes man to Desmond and liewell so did what he was told and his terrible tactics and $hit coaching staff in the end players would not play for him and we ended 25 points behind a very average bigot team a bloody disgrace last season just glad he is out of celtic and hope we make some progress this season with the new manager.

  • harold shand says:

    Just keeps getting wheeled out now and then to keep the negativity about Celtic going

    A great result last night for the country and this guy is the story this morning

  • tommythecommy says:

    Not often your articles are crap Joe but that one is.

  • One For The Road says:

    Loved Neil as a player, with him and Paul Lambert protecting the defence we were so, so solid, Neil Lennon just never gave the ball away. His second managerial term at Celtic appears to have ended with, ”it wisnae me”, as he oversaw the losing of the ten. Ignominious ends at Bolton, Hibs and Celtic with no responsibility taken for the latter do his profile and employability no good. His bickering and backbiting from the side are unsavoury, help no one and are further sad indications of self destruct.

  • Stev says:

    Just turned into a wee whinger. It was all your fault now go away.

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