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Tam from Yorkshire becomes phone-in legend on Clyde SSB with his incredible Gerrard rant

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After a day of anger across social media Radio Clyde’s Super Scoreboard was a must– listen for Celtic fans welcoming back The Banter Years.

The slow unfolding departure of Steven Gerrard was confirmed at 10am on Reembrace Day with a spectacular fall-out from Ibrox fans.

Incredibly a large number of grown men have life size cardboard cut-outs of the Aston Villa boss. Video clips of the cut-outs being attacked quickly surfaced on social media with one uber fan driving to Ibrox to return his cut-out while looking around for media interviews. The Sun and STV obliged to provide 15 minutes of fame over how staunch one fan was.

Rage and anger were guaranteed on Radio Clyde, the first caller, Tam from Yorkshire didn’t disappoint with a Bingo Card full of fury as he let go of the anger he had felt building up all week. Mister Gerrard was never really a Ranger, he didnae underston what it means, he never understood the traditions.

I’m sick to my stomach  I’ve got a cut-out of him in my bedroom for winning 55 – I’ve hard to turn it to face the wall. I can’t look at it. Mr Gerrard leaves a sick taste in my mouth.

Over the last two-and-a-half years he may have only won one out of nine trophies but he’s won 10 out of 10 of the Rangers fans’ hearts. He’s thrown that away, he’s thrown away 150 years of unbroken history for middling mid-table club Aston Villa.

It’s a special day, Remembrance Day, for Rangers fans and he’s thrown that in their face. I think he’s a disgrace. There were more fans like Tam, some were a little more moderate but it is unlikely that the manager now known simply as Gerrard will be back at Ibrox any time soon for a reunion.

You talk about replacements, I’d like to see someone like Neil Warnock. An honest, good football man.Because Mr Gerrard does not have the values of a true Ranger.

CLICK HERE for the full Radio Clyde phone-in.

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  • Stev says:

    What was a grown man doing with a cardboard cut out in his room…Fckn weirdo.

  • John mcghee says:

    150 years of unbroking history does he forget 2012 when all the ranjurs players walked away but 1 clown stayed and faced the LIQUIDATION of deadco rfc 1872 but now we all see most are back to newco sevco kidding on its still ranjurs 1872 just shows you how much they fans lie and the media thats how corrupt Scottish football is for that scum at liebrox..

  • Big T says:

    Slippy’s achievements were indeed remarkable – 55 titles in 10 years; a feat which will never be equalled. Then he ran away because he sh@t it from Big Ange,

    Oh dear what a pity never mind. Sevco is the gift that keeps on giving.

    Who’s up next Giof@nny von Bratwurst or Donkey McInnes?

    Surely not MURTAAAAAY?!


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