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‘What are the club going to do about open season on our players’ ‘make a stand v the weekly assaults’ ‘silence from the club is poor’ Fans repond as Celtic official speaks out over incorrect decisions

Image for ‘What are the club going to do about open season on our players’ ‘make a stand v the weekly assaults’ ‘silence from the club is poor’ Fans repond as Celtic official speaks out over incorrect decisions

John Paul Taylor took a light-hearted swipe at Leslie Deans and opened the door on a string of complaints from Celtic fans.

It seems that last week’s win for Ange Postecoglou’s side over the Hearts has been too much for some pundits who’ve gone out of their way to find fault with the outcome.

Claims that Kyogo Furuhashi’s goal should have been ruled out for offside have still to be met with conclusive proof- Scottish football has been very slow to embrace VAR.

Throwing of objects at Barrie Mackay was very regrettable but sadly it is far from a rare incident, there hasn’t been many claims for matches to be replayed when it has occurred.

Deans, a former Hearts chairman, made the claim with Taylor, Celtic’s Supporters Liaison Officer commenting soon after without direct reference to the claim from Deans.

With so much criticism and in some cases hysteri being thrown Celtic’s way the club has said absolutely nothing.

Nothing about the Souttar/Kyogo incident last Thursday, nothing on Calum Butcher’s attack on David Turnbull, in fact nothing about virtually everything!

Ange Postecoglou will meet the media tomorrow to preview the Europa League tie against Real Betis but so far the hoops boss has shown little appetite to tackle refereeing issues.

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  • Brian says:

    We are all to busy orgasming over our managers quirky answers, not what I want to hear, I want him to give the player he brought here some verbal protection after all he knows kyogo is not what he is being accused of.

  • Pan says:

    Scotland is a very sick country and Scottish football is a corrupt game, run by one club and its sycophants in the media and the Establishment.


      Regrettably our Board have been complicit in the corruption.
      They are in it so deep they can’t defend the Club or the players against corrupt referees or the SFA. The £Blue is King and we are just customers not fans. Just repeat customers with a loyalty to the Club and no one to defend our corner or anywhere else to shop.

      • Jtubbs26@hotmail.com says:

        They have to come out off the woodwork protect our players about time they do the job they’re supposed to do.They.are getting paid for nothing get rid of the lot of them.Every other team in the league look after their players. Grow some balls or get to Fnuk

  • Stevie says:

    Blame the Celtic board I know I do.

  • Bhoy4life says:

    Never heard Deans call for a replay or a points deduction when our manager was attacked in the dugout by one of his crazed fans…strange eh?

  • Anthony Mcquade says:

    Once again the board are no where to be seen on important issues .
    I admire JPT for all the crap that the board have left for him to deal with over the years .
    His is a difficult job handled brilliantly

  • Therese Storrie says:

    The assaults on our players are getting more and more serious as the weeks go on The board being silent is not acceptable Boards can be replaced Just ask the Whites and the Kellys Speak up now ! This has to be sorted Along with the decisions We don’t ask for favours Just for all clubs to get the same treatment

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